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However the coming elections where a choice between Trump and Biden, is NO choice at all. And the astonishing disruption to life due to Covid-19 crisis, from which Covid-19 crisis Wall Street Billionaires are getting Richer from, while small businesses are getting Killed by the Millions, is compelling us to try to revive RealNewsPost.org, if we can raise proper minimum funding for it this time. So if you like to see us properly funded so that we can get the Truth out, then Donate to our $5-Mill Funding round to properly fund and re-launch RealNewsPost.org, so that we can hire a staff of 20 and put in place the infrastructure that allows us to give YOU on Main Street Voice, to get the Truth out.

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Author: Real_News
Date Posted: 2015-05-14
Viewed: 52,015
MSNBC, so called Liberal Media, is best proof of what right-wing lying War-Mongering Machine entire Wall Street Media are: from Healthcare in US to War after War after War that US is engaged in
MSNBC, the fake Liberal Media, a part & parcel of Wall Street right-wing Media Machinery, is best proof of the Con Job that Wall Street Cabal has been playing on American People. That is they 1st created the TOTAL right-wing lying Machines of CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, then the ultra right-wing lying Machines of Wall Street Journal, CNBC, etc. and then the ultra lunatic right-wing lying Machines of Fox, TalkRadio and then they got their ultra lunatic right-wing Media part, that is the lunatics on TalkRadio & Fox, to call the TOTAL right-wing lying Media to be the "Liberal Media", "Main Stream Media", etc. and thus completing the Ultimate Con Job known to Man. Thus continuously moving US further and further into the Abyss of right-wing policies based on War-Mongering, Hate-Mongering & Fear-Mongering. Resulting in making NO Investment in American People and Cities but instead having American People's Taxes & Government spent for the benefit of this Wall Street Oligarchs and their Cabal and resulting non-Stop Wars.

So why use MSNBC to illustrate the fact that entire US Media is a right-wing lying machine? And not Fox, Wall Street Journal, CNBC, TalkRadio, etc.? Because anyone with an IQ above a Cockroach, already knows that outlets like Fox, CNBC, Wall Street Journal, TalkRadio, etc. are utter complete wall to wall right-wing lying machines.

So to really appreciate how entire US Media, aka Wall Street owned Media, is a right-wing lying War-mongering Fear Mongering machine, look at the so called Liberal Media of MSNBC. For if we prove with a mountain of facts that MSNBC is part and parcel of the Wall Street right-wing lying Media machinery, as we will here, then it will be crystal clear as to what utter complete right-wing lying machines the rest of Wall Street owned Media are whom are to the right and far right of MSNBC.

But 1st keep these facts in mind:

1- You can replace the name MSNBC in this article with those of other supposed Liberal Media outlets of HuffingtonPost, New York Times, NPR, PBS, Charlie Rose, Daily Show, etc. for every major fact that we will use here to prove that MSNBC is part and parcel of the right-wing lying War-mongering Media machinery applies to all these other so called Liberal Media outlets.

2- MSNBC just like HuffingtonPost and other fraud members of the Liberal Media are Liberal compared to the ultra right-wing Lying Media of Fox, Talkraio, etc. in this way: that is MSNBC is profusely pro-Gay pro-Lesbian, and if a Black guy is shot by a White guy, specially a White Police guy, MSNBC will take the side of Black guy whereas Fox by some osmosis will justify the White shooter and put the blame on the Black guy and Liberal Media, etc. rather trivial matters, but when it comes to the really important issues, that affect 99% of the American People, from Health Care, to Taxes, to Education, to War & War-mongering, MSNBC, as you will see listed here, is part and parcel of the right-wing Lying Media machinery.

So you want Absolute and Irrefutable proof that MSNBC is part of the right-wing Lying Machinery of Wall Street Cabal?

You can have this Absolute and Irrefutable proof by the FACT that MSNBC has not told the American People that all Conservative parties, repeat the Conservative parties, in Europe, Canada, Australia, including Israel the beloved Nation of TEAPublicans Obama Democrats and right-wing Media, etc. are all 100% for their Government run Universal Socialized Health Care (NHS).

And moreover tell American People WHY they are all 100% for their NHS.

Because if MSNBC did that, then that would be instant proof of:
1- What utter complete lunatics TEAPublicans are for opposing NHS and calling it "Socialism", since surely all Conservative parties, in Europe, Canada, Australia, Israel, etc. are not "Socialist"
2- What FRAUD Obama Democrats are for not even proposing NHS and instead they passed a Health Care plan proposed by Ultra Right-Wing Heritage Foundation, a plan that is the EXACT OPPOSITE of NHS
3- And how the Wall Street Cabal that controls this MSNBC, as the rest of the right-wing lying Media in US, has conspired and amazingly is still conspiring in the Internet age to hide these fact, among many others, from American People!

And why is it that all Conservative parties, in Europe, Canada, Israel, Australia, Japan, etc. 100% for their NHS?
Because NHS gives health care to all the People of their Country, FREE for the Taxes that they Pay, while cut, repeat cut, health care spending by 50%.

You know how TEAPublicans were (and are) running around claiming that we need to cut the Debt & Deficits, well Government run Universal Socialized Health Care would do that to the tune of $1-Trillion per Year, but it would make those cuts on the back of Wall Street, the 1%, for the benefit of the Main Street, the 99%.

Now to be exact, MSNBC has once, repeat once, told the American People that 1 Conservative party in the World is 100% for their NHS. That is on the passing of Margaret Thatcher, The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell became the 1st show on US TV to tell American People that Margaret Thatchers Conservative party in UK, same Margaret Thatcher that Reagan and Republicans and the ultra right-wing Media in US called the:

"Shining example of Free Market Capitalism",

was and is 100% for their Government run Universal nationalized single payer health care system (aka NHS) and did then based on this fact very briefly draw the conclusion as to how right-wing Democrats are for the Conservative party of Margaret Thatcher is to the far far left of Obama Democrats given that her party was and is 100% for their NHS. But even then, it did not state why Thatchers Conservative party is 100% for their NHS, which would have been ultimate proof as to what lunatics or worse TEApublicans are and what fraud Obama Democrats are.

Wars after Wars

The other instant proof of how MSNBC is a part and parcel of the Main Stream Media, aka right-wing lying Media, is the FACT that MSNBC just like ABC, CNN, Fox, and the psychos on Talkradio, has sold and justified War after War after War after War that Republicans and Democrats keep wasting American People's lives on. Such as Iraq War, Libya War, Afghanistan War, Syria War, etc. etc.

For example: In 2002 in selling the Iraq War number 3, the entire US Media, in the true "Shock & Awe" of what lying War-mongering Media machine it is, from MSNBC to Fox to CBS to ABC to NBC to Google to what have you, lied and lied and hid or manipulated the facts to sell the Iraq War number 3. A War that has lead to the TRUE Genocide of our Age. A War that has been catastrophic in every imaginable way, from:

1- One Million + Iraqis Killed, we are talking about 1-Million+ Iraqi Civilians killed due to this unjust War. We are talking about far greater number of Civilians killed that for a small fraction of such Civilians killed others were prosecuted for War Crimes from Bosnia to Rawanda!

2- Close to 5,000 US Soldiers killed. That is a number of US personal killed that is a FREAKING 1000 times greater than US personal killed in Benghazi

3- Close to $4-Trillion of American Tax payers wasted on this total debacle, an amount that is 5 times greater than what Obama Democrats spent in 2009 on the so called stimulus which spending amount lead the TEApublicans to all of a sudden become so worried about Government spending & Debt & Deficits!

So this MSNBC just like the rest of the Wall Street owned Media, paraded one Republican War-monger after another, from Dick Cheney, to Wolfowitz, to Lindesy Graham, to McCain, to McConnel, to one Democrat War-monger after another from Hillary Clinton, to John Kerry, etc. to sell the total lie that was the Iraq War. And only after this War had gone horribly wrong, as we (the real Liberal Media) told you that it would, then MSNBC become the anti-Iraq War Media outlet.

But as horrendous as the above facts are, consider these follow up facts:

1- MSNBC never called for War Crime or at least lying under Oath prosecution to prosecute any of those People whom lied and lied to sell the catastrophe that was and still to day is Iraq War

2- When TEAPublicans started running their SCAM that we have a Debt & Deficits crisis, MSNBC never hammered the TEAPublicans as to how is it that you were and are 100% for the Multi-Trillion Wars after Wars, but when it comes to giving Health Care to all American People, or spending Money on American Cities & States that are falling apart, all of a sudden you are so worried about Debt & Deficits

3- And now in 2014 when the catastrophe that was and is Iraq War is reaching its Genocidal apex, MSNBC like the rest of the US Media is parading the same War-mongering lying right-wing Cabal of Wolfowitz, Lindesy Graham, McCain, Clinton, Fienstein, etc. to astonishingly state with a straight face that the answer to the Genocidal War that they unleashed on Iraq is what? Hold your breath:

is to "Bomb Iraq more.." and to "Bomb Syria too.."

thus leading to the killing of more Iraqi People! Or on MSNBC as on the rest of the US Media are showing up the same War-mongering lying right-wing Cabal of Wolfowitz, Lindesy Graham, McCain, etc., to state, hold your breath, that:

"Obama is Responsible for the mess in Iraq for having left Iraq too soon...."

Not that the Iraq War is a catastrophe and Genocide because of us having lied and lied to start this unnecessary unjust War that has killed One Million + Iraqis and that has ruined that Nation, but that the Iraq situation is a mess because ObamaBush did not KILL even more Iraqis

And MSNBC like rest of the US Media is pretty much selling this insane new NeoCon Con Job on US by hate-mongering about ISIS, Alqaeda in Iraq, or whatever new name they might come up with tomorrow and ObamaBush's plan to Bomb ISIS, aka Bomb Iraqi People & Cities again!

Health Care

Health care was a catastrophe for many Americans when Obama Admin took office in 2009, as per these FACTS:

1- 50-Million+ Americans without health insurance

2- Most Americans with health insurance did not actually dare to go for health care since they would be hit with exorbitant deductibles of $10,000 per Year per Family member and More, Co-pay of 20% and More, thus resulting in a 10 days Hospitalization costing them a back breaking if not bankrupting $50,000

3- Two Million+ Americans going bankrupt due to health care costs per Year.

4- At least 50,000 Americans being killed per Year due to denial of health care due to this thing called pre-existing condition clause, which truly is/was a Crime Against Humanity.

etc. etc. Horror stories.

Now given the catastrophe that was Health care for many Americans People what did Obama Admin do?
It passed a Health Care plan proposed by Ultra right-wing Heritage Foundation, which plan lead to RomneyCare. But it is not even as Liberal & Socialized as RomneyCare! A Health Care reform that makes little if any improvement in the catastrophe that was Health care for many Americans People because it pretty much continues the same Wall Street run for profit Health Care as before but just slaps an ugly Web site on it!

So has MSNBC told the American People that:

The Health care reform Obama Admin passed, what they called Affordable health Care Act, what Republicans and right-wing Media then called ObamaCare, is a TOTAL JOKE of a reform since it is based on a plan proposed by the Ultra right-wing Heritage Foundation, which plan lead to RomneyCare. But that ObamaCare is not even as Liberal & Socialized as RomneyCare. A health care plan that is a total Joke of a health care reform since it delivers neither Universal health care nor does it drastically cut the health care costs, which only Government run Universal Socialized Health Care can do.

NO. MSNBC has not. To be exact one person on MSNBC did somewhat allude to these facts, which was Keith Oberman, but then he was promptly called as "Unstable", "Crazy" and was fired.

Has MSNBC asked Obama Democrats:

What kind of a fraud are you that you would pass a Health Care plan proposed by the Ultra right-wing Heritage Foundation, which plan lead to RomneyCare. But your Health Care plan is not even as Liberal & Socialized as what the Ultra right-wing of Republican party proposed and passed which became RomneyCare.

NO. MSNBC did not ask this Question.

Has MSNBC asked Obama Democrats:

What kind of a fraud are you that you would pass a Health Care plan that would not even end denial of health care due to pre-existing condition, well supposedly not until 2014, thus continuing to KILL at least 50,000 Americans per Year due to this horrendous fact, at least until 2014 and well beyond, since Health Care plans that People can buy via your so called ACA carries un-affordable rates from premiums, to deductibles to co-pays, etc.

NO. MSNBC did not ask this Question.

Has MSNBC asked Obama Democrats:

What kind of a fraud are you that you would pass a Health Care plan that mandates American people to buy Health Insurance from the same Wall Street run for profit Health Insurance companies that have brought us the current bankrupting health care system? Without our Government tightly regulating what these greedy Wall Street Oligarchs can charge? Such as by capping Deductibles to maximum of $500 per Year and eliminating co-pay all together.

NO. MSNBC did not ask this Question.

Has MSNBC asked Republicans:

What kind of a lunatic or WORSE are you that you are opposing the JOKE of Health Care plan that Obama Admin passed, a JOKE of a Health Care plan because it is a watered down version of what you proposed which became RomneyCare?

So by opposing the watered down version of the Health Care plan that you proposed, which Obama Admin passed, are you then not confirming that your ultimate mission is to:

1- Maximize number of Americans that have NO health care,
2- Maximize cost of health care to American people,
3- Maximize number of Americans killed due to NO health care.

If this is not proof of that you are a TRUE parasitic ENEMY within, what does?

NO. MSNBC did not ask this Question. It of course has danced around the perimeters of these points, but never put all of these points together and thus clearly conclude the fact that Republicans are the TRUE ENEMY within.

Has MSNBC asked Republicans or Democrats:

How is it that you both Love Israel, you have both told us of how:
"Israel is an example of a Free Market economy success",
"Your health care system is a Marvel"
And Israel has 100% Government run Universal Nationalized Health Care (NHS) where 100% of Israeli's have access to same health care from cradle to grave for FREE, free for Taxes they pay, here:
but you Republicans 100% oppose the same NHS for Americans calling it:
"Socialism", even "Nazism"
and you Obama Democrats did not even propose NHS.

NO. MSNBC has not asked this Question.

Instead what have MSNBC hosts from uber right-wing turd Chuck Todd to the one person that occasionally does actually speak the truth Lawrence O'Donnell, say most often about State of Health Care in US leading to the joke of the Health Care reform that Obama Admin passed? They have actually said over & over:

"We the Liberals wanted Single Payer Health Care but knew that ObamaCare is the best that we could get"
"If ObamaCare fails you can forget Health Care reform"
"Someone signed up for Health Insurance via Healthcare.gov and is paying $2000 per Month for family of 4 plus $10,000 per person Deductible per Year... see ObamaCare works..."

So we could not have a Health Care system like they have in Republicans beloved Israel or Republicans beloved Margaret Thatcher Conservative party in UK, as a result of which American people would get Health Care for Free for Taxes that they are already paying while we cut Debt & Deficits due to Health Care by $1-Trillion Per Year and instead we could only have a Watered down version of RomneyCare which JOKE of a Health Care reform 4 freaking Years since its passage has made a little difference in the nightmare that is State of Health Care for Many Americans!
Really MSNBC!

Debt & Deficit fear-mongering Con Job of TEAPubliacans

When in 2009 Republicans and the new party that the like of Koch Brothers funded, and having no shame named it the TEA Party, and used their right-wing Media machinery to say that it is a "grass root" movement started running the Con Job that we have a:
"We have a $16-Trillion Debt & Deficit crisis"
“We are borrowing from our Grandchildren”
“When you are in a Hole you stop digging”

Did MSNBC respond by saying:

TEAPublicans, here are 4 Steps that would convert our $16-Trillion Debt into a $16-Trillion Surplus, and you bastards oppose all of these Steps! How can you then tell us with a straight face then that you are worried about Debt & Deficits?

1- Switch to Government run Universal Socialized health care (NHS), which would give health care to all American People while CUTTING health care spending by 50%, and these INCREDIBLE FACTS are why ALL Conservative parties in Europe, Canada, Australia, including Israel your beloved Nation, etc. are all 100% for their NHS. This Step alone will cut health care spending (Deficit) by about $1-Trillion per Year.

2- Have the Rich at least pay same FICA Taxes as Middle class, NOT more, but just the same as Middle Class. This would be an almost TEN times Tax increase compared to going back to Clinton era Taxes on incomes over $250K, raising about $15-Trillion in extra Revenue over next 10 years. This means that whereas Blankfein of GoldMan Sachs paid FICA Taxes on 0.01% of his $40-Million income he would pay FICA Taxes on 100% of his income as Middle class does.

3- Cut our Gargantuan Military budget. Such as NO MORE FREE Military provided at the cost of at least $200-Billion per Year by the poorer American Tax payers for the Richer EU Countries. Lets not even talk about 10s of Billions of Free Military to Rich Countries of Israel, South Korea, Japan, etc.

4- End the Afghan War. And do not start a new War in Syria, Iran, etc.

NO. MSNBC did not state the above facts to demolish the TEAPublicans Con Job that we have a "Debt & Deficit" crisis. But of course they would also expose what fraud Obama Democrats are for not having even proposed one of these Setps, set aside all of them.

Wars, War-mongering & US Military budget

Another way to see that MSNBC is part and parcel of the Wall Street owned right-wing lying Media, is to consider what MSNBC has not told or asked about Wars & War-mongering and US Military budget that is Gargantuan beyond description, that cost American people Trillions of Dollars.

Has MSNBC asked any of the Democrats or Republicans that appear on its shows:

If you are really worried about the "Debt Deficits & Spending" why are you not calling for cutting the FREE Military that we give at the cost of at least $100-Billion per year to the American Tax payers to the RICH countries of European Union, such as Germany, UK, Italy, Spain, etc. which European Union countries are much RICHER than the American Union as per all EU Countries giving health care to all their People while in US 50-Million+ Americans have NO health care, or simply as per the fact that EU is a $16-Trillion economy vs US being a $14-Trillion economy.

NO. MSNBC has not asked this Question.

Has MSNBC asked any of the Democrats or Republicans that appear on its shows:

Why in GODs name has our Military budget doubled since the height of the Reagan Admin? You surely are not telling us that:
"Reagan was a Pacifist" or
"Reagan was an Appeaser" or
"We were under Armed during Reagan era"!
So if you are really worried about "Debt Deficits & Spending" why are you not calling for cutting our Military budget to half of it was during Reagan era, since Soviet Union threat is gone and Alqaeda has ZERO real Weapons, and at $200-Billion Military Budget our Military budget still would be the largest Military budget in the World by far!

NO. MSNBC has not asked this Question.

Has MSNBC run any program critical of Israel or asked Democrats or Republicans that appear on its shows:

How is it that there is NO agreement between you Two parties in doing anything for American People, but there is 100% conformity between you Two parties and the fake TEA Party in giving 100% blank check support for Israel? Which Israel has Government run Universal Socialized health care (NHS), so according to Republicans and right-wing Media they are then either "Socialist" or "Communist" or according to lunatics like Ted Cruz they are even "Nazis" since he on the Senate floor compared giving Health Care to all to "Nazism"!

NO. MSNBC has not asked this Question.

Has MSNBC asked Democrats or Republicans:

If you are worried about "Debt & Deficits" why dont you call for pulling the US troops out of Germany, Japan, South Korea, etc. and basing them in for example in miserable bankrupt American Cities of Detroit, Cleveland, Camden, etc., so that Detroit & Michigan can be a thriving prosperous City & State as are the Japanese, German, South Korean, etc. Cities, as per for example Japan having a 3.9% unemployment rate, NO German city going bankrupt, etc. rather than being the poor impoverished ruin of the City & State that Detroit & Michigan are.

NO. MSNBC has not asked this Question.

MSNBC is Pro Obama, Obama is to the far right of all Conservative parties

MSNBC and Obama Admin are really best demonstration of non-STOP Con Job that Wall Street Oligarchs & the Military Industrial Complex that control the US Media and have turned into a right-wing lying Machine are playing on US. After all consider these facts:

1- MSNBC is Pro Obama

2- Obama Admin is to the far far right of all Conservative parties in the Europe, Canada, Australia, etc. as per the fact that all these Conservative parties are 100% for their Government run Universal Socialized Single Payer Health Care, and Obama Admin did not even propose Single Payer Health Care, set aside pass it, but instead it passed a Health Care plan proposed by Ultra Right-Wing Heritage Foundation which plan became RomneyCare, but it is not even as Socialized and real as RomneyCare!

3- Obama Admin is to the right of Reagan, as per the fact that for example Obama Admin has presided over a Military budget that is TWICE as large as it was during the height of Reagan & Soviet era.

4- Obama Admin is in fact as right-wing if not more right-wing than Bush, given the fact that Obama Admin carried out the Iraq War just as Bush. Obama Admin has carried out the Afghan War just as Bush, even adding 10s of 1000s of Men to the Afghan War. Obama Admin was going to wage War on Syria using the same WMD Bull Sheeet lies of Bush Admin used to wage War on Iraq, which lies were so blatant that even the British Government under the Conservative party of James Cameron in a hasty vote voted against this Syria War.

So by being pro Obama, what is MSNBC in effect doing?
It is being pro Bush policies.
It is being pro all the War and War-mongering of Republicans but under a Black Man who is under the Democratic banner.

It is really a beyond a Sick Job what these 2 parties and the Wall Street Oligarchs that control them are playing on American People. But of course they are not stopping there, they never Stop! For the ultra right-wing segment of Wall Street owned Media, that is Fox, the psychos on TalkRadio, are calling Obama, this Black Bush, this total FRAUD, a FRAUD because he is to the right of Bush, to the right of Reagan, to the far far right of all Conservative parties in Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia, etc. to be:
"Radical Liberal"
"Moslem Communist Sympathizer"
etc. psychotic non-sense.

Final insult to injury

And as the final insult to injury, this MSNBC on most Weekend time covers in reality form the Jails in USA! That is at the same time that Fox is spewing its right-wing lies and non-sense, MSNBC starts covering the most miserable people in USA being treated like sub-animals by their Jailers! So MSNBC does not cover in reality form the Government run Hospitals and Medical facilities in UK, in Canada, in Australia, etc. developed Nations to show how one can create a better Society, a better Nation, by operating essential services such as Healthcare on Government run Universal Socialized basis, but instead MSNBC covers the Government run Jails in USA to show how the Government can treat the People as sub-animals! SCAM Completed.

[+] Just imagine... If Russia had toppled the Canadian government

[+] List of countries by unemployment rate

[+] Harvard study finds nearly 45,000 excess deaths annually linked to lack of health coverage

[+] Margaret Thatchers Conservative party in UK is 100% for their Universal Socialized Single Payer Health Care

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By Member: Regal 2016-08-06

See, as usual EXACTLY what we told you would happen has happened. That is in contrast to all the Doom & Gloom from right-wing lying Wall Street based Media in US about coming Olympics being a disaster, which Doom & Gloom they run about every Olympics, from Bejing to Sochi to this in Brazil, we told you that things will work out just fine and it will be another celebration of Human Peace and collaboration across races and religions, which is EXACTLY what just happened last night in opening of the Rio Olympics. Now why we hear all these Doom & Gloom about every Olympics is because Israel will do nothing or horribly in this Olympic as she has in all past Olympics or sporting events, which does not fit with the narrative of Wall Street (Jewish) based Media, that Jews are "Chosen People.." or "Very Strong People..." as per them beating all Arab Nations in Wars, etc.

By Guest:   izGood 2015-06-06

Thank you for this article that exposes what a right-wing lying machine entire US Media is, and that is why US is in One War after another War while it lacks all necessary social services that rest of developed World has, including Israel the loved Nation of right-wing lying Media. FYI, will donate $250 to you. Will donate more if I could. Keep up da good work. God bless.

By Member: Real_News 2015-06-07

You welcome. And thanks for your Donation.
Keep in mind now, that this news site is powered by YOU.
This means YOU Can report the News here just as I have.

By Guest:   legare 2015-05-29

So glad to found this site.
So glad to read this article specially, that proves all I have been saying and thinking all along.
And specially glad that you included that Right-wing schill masquerading as Liberal Media of HuffingtonPost as being a Key part of the Right-wing lying Media machinery, with the exception that it is as you noted profusely Pro Gay.
And further proof of this fact was today in HP they listed this article:

Russia Steps Up Propaganda Push With Online 'Kremlin Trolls'

where they point to this building where Russians are spreading misinformation online where these exact buildings full of people spreading damning lies exist in US and Israel, funded by same Wall Street Money that is behind HP.

By Guest:   OkinawaMan 2015-05-17

Great article about how US Media is controlled by the MIC.
On that note, 10s of 1000s are marching against US military bases in Japan, but you do not hear a pip in US Media about these People who want US bases out of Japan. And you do not hear a PIP from TEAPublicans who were running the SCAM that we need to cut spending to state that hey:
"If the People of Japan want us out of Japan, why dont we cut the US bases in Japan" as a way of cutting expenses!
And instead base these bases in bankrupt US cities like Detroit, so that Detroit can be as prosperous as Japanese Cities!

Check out for back up facts & pictures:

By Member: real_patriot 2015-05-15

And to think that Fox and the psychos on Talkradio call this MSNBC to be the "Liberal Media"!
Hardy har har har
But I am afraid, you are wasting your time, as nothing will change in US or in US Media since as you have well proven entire US Media is a right wing lying machine and Wall Street will just fund even more right-wing lying machines.
But still may the Force b with u all and thank you for all you doing.

By Guest:   OkinawaMan 2015-05-17

True. Very true. I am ready to stop watching all TV.

By Guest:   FreeUMind 2015-01-20

Have you seen this Movie out now called: American Sniper

This movie is another reminder of How US Media and Government are controlled by the Israeli Lobby & the
Military Industrial Complex lying machines. After all, what do you think is the chance of Hollywood making a Movie showing, set aside glorying, American Soldiers Shooting Jews? What do you think is likelihood of such Movie then getting the Oscar nomination?

So if US Media was about spreading the truth rather than one War mongering Fear mongering lies after another, they would make movies that would ask for "War Crime" Charges against those People who lied and lied to bring about the Iraq War, a War which lead to:
1- the KILLING of almost 1-Million (innocent) Iraqi people,
2- 5,000 US Soldiers Killed
3- Four Trillion Dollars wasted on this total unjust and unnecessary War

By Guest:   berry_good 2014-09-10

So Obama Democrats who were elected based on promise of:
Universal Health Care
And putting "End to Mentality that lead US to War after War"

have neither passed Universal Health Care and have engaged in more Wars than Bush!
What a FRAUD Obama Democrats & TEAPublican are playing on US!
And Republicans & right-wing Media are such utter complete lunatics to call this FRAUD, this agent of Wall
Street, Israel & the Military Industrial Complex to be:

"Radical Liberal"
"Moslem Communist Sympathizer"
etc. psychotic non-sense.

It is really a beyond a Sick Job what these 2 parties and the Wall Street Zinoist Oligarchs that control them are playing on American People.

It is really a beyond really pathetic that American People are putting up with this Con Job on US :(

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