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However the coming elections where a choice between Trump and Biden, is NO choice at all. And the astonishing disruption to life due to Covid-19 crisis, from which Covid-19 crisis Wall Street Billionaires are getting Richer from, while small businesses are getting Killed by the Millions, is compelling us to try to revive RealNewsPost.org, if we can raise proper minimum funding for it this time. So if you like to see us properly funded so that we can get the Truth out, then Donate to our $5-Mill Funding round to properly fund and re-launch RealNewsPost.org, so that we can hire a staff of 20 and put in place the infrastructure that allows us to give YOU on Main Street Voice, to get the Truth out.

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Author: Real_News
Date Posted: 2016-06-13
Viewed: 23,205
Another Mass Shooting in USA. A drop in ocean of 30,000+ Americans Shot per Year due to insane Gun laws and other structural problems. And what are they Fear Mongering about? ISIS!
So here in USA we were confronted once again with another honorific deadly Mass shooting. This time the Gun Man Killed 5 Police officers in Dallas. What is most interesting about this Mass shooting, is that it totally and completely destroys NRA, Republican and right-wing Medias logic for the INSANE Gun Laws we have in USA, which is:

""To avert Mass Shootings you need People to be Armed... And not to have Strict Gun Laws where People cannot buy or posses Guns...""

Well these Police officers in Dallas were of course Armed, yet 5 of them were Massacred in this Mass Shooting. And in fact to end this Mass Shooting, Police used not Guns but a Robot Armed with Bombs as was used by US Military in Iraq.

And this Mass shooting follows the massacre at a Gay Club in Orlando Florida just few days ago, where a gunman killed an astonishing 50 people and wounded even more before police fatally shot him.

This Mass shooting marked the 145th such shooting in USA since the December 2012 rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, which Mass shooting killed 23 American People, of which 20 were Children!

Yet Republicans & right-wing Media such as psychos on Fox and Talkradio say: Do Nothing.
And Obama Clinton Democrats just talk about it and give a Prayer, but actually: Do Nothing.

Now as horrific as these Mass shootings are, they pale in comparison to the fact that:

12,000+ Americans are Shot dead per Year, this is vs for example 8 People shot dead per year in UK!
There have been 100s of Mass Shootings in USA over last 10 Years vs 1 in UK during same span of time And ZERO in Australia during same time, because they passed Strict Gun Laws.

This means USA has a Gun related shooting death rate that is an astounding 20,000% (on per Population basis) greater than UK! WHY? What is the difference between USA and UK whose English language American People speak? The difference are :

1- UK like other developed Nations has strict Gun Laws. Where the AR-15 Assault type weapons used in the Dallas Shootings, Orlando shootings, etc., can NEVER be purchased. OTOH, Republicans and right-wing Media in USA, in proving yet again as to what Lunatics or True Enemy within they are, they oppose the strict Gun laws that UK has, which strict Gun laws in UK are 100% supported by their Conservative party. Instead Republicans and right-wing Media in USA champion the insane Gun laws in USA, even championing the sale of AR-15 Assault type weapons used in the Orlando shootings, Aurora CO Shooting, Newtown Connecticut Shooting, etc.. And Obama/Clinton Democrats in proving yet again as to what Fraud they are, they give lip service to ban of these Weapons, but just as with state of Healthcare in USA actually do not do any different than Republicans.

2- UK like other developed Nations has Government run Universal Socialized Healthcare (NHS), so that People with Mental Healthcare need can get the Mental Healthcare they need, FREE for Taxes they pay, rather than have their healthcare need fester into an orgy of Mass killings. Whereas in USA due to no NHS, and instead due to having for-profit Wall Street based Healthcare, where actually getting Healthcare for most Americans can mean bankruptcy, due to exorbitant $10,000 per Year per Family member Deductibles, 20% Co-pays, etc. Wall Street rip-offs, someone with Mental Healthcare will be hard pressed to get Healthcare he/she needs, since someone ill, whether due to Mental illness or other illness, does rarely have $50,000 for Deductibles and 20% Co-pays, and as a result they do not get the Healthcare they need.

Combine then the ease of buying Guns, even Military class Assault Weapons such as AR-15 and even worse, and lack of NHS so that to be Mass Shooters cannot get the care they need, and what you have then is a Murder rate in USA, thanks to Republicans and Democrats and Wall Street Media, that is 1000s of times higher than other Developed Nations.

So what have they, that is Republicans & right-wing Media and Obama Clinton Democrats done to deflect from these horrendous facts, they have come up with this bogey man called ISIS to deflect attention from what is really wrong with USA, due to the structural problems of USA which problems Republicans and right-wing Media champion and Obama/Clinton Democrats only talk about but actually do nothing about!

So here the ABSOLUTE FACT:

Strict Gun Laws do work, they do greatly reduce if not completely eliminate Mass Shootings. You can see this FACT by Australia which had a Mass shooting in 1996 in the Historic Site of Port Arthur by someone using an AR15, killing 35 People. The country’s conservative leader pushed through immediate, sweeping changes to gun laws. And Australia has not had a Mass Shooting in 20 Years!

And you can replace the above FACT pretty much with UK which had a Mass Shooting in Mar. 13, 1996, where a man named Thomas Hamilton made his way to Dunblane Primary School in Scotland, carrying four legally-owned firearms. He opened fire, Killing Sixteen children aged 5 and 6, and their teacher who sought to protect them. The country’s conservative leader then pushed through immediate, sweeping changes to gun laws. And UK in 20 Years since has had 1 Mass Shooting!

Yet given these Absolute FACTS, Republicans, Democrats & Wall Street Media either Champion the insane Gun Laws in US, as in case of Republicans Fox Wall Street Journal and the Psychos on Talkradio, or they give lip service to it and propose passing meaningless laws as in the case of Democrats holding prayer after each Mass Shooting or proposing passing Gun Laws which make little real difference. Rather than passing Strict Gun laws as the conservative parties, repeat the conservative parties, in Australia, UK, etc. passed.

Republicans, Democrats and Wall Street Media/Money have done nothing to put STOP to these Mass Shootings!

So what have the so called representative of American People, that is Republicans, Democrats and Wall Street Media/Money have done to put a Stop to this mass slaughter of American People? NOTHING. Not a Freaking thing. That is since the Mass Killing of American people in Newtown, Connecticut, which Mass shooting killed 23 American People of which 20 were Children for God Sake, Republicans & Democrats have done just about nothing to address the root causes of these Mass Killings in USA that is resulting in USA having a Murder rates that is an astounding 20,000% WORST than the rest of the Developed World. And the Wall Street owned Media, aka right-wing lying Media, has run many articles and stories to convenience the American People that these Mass Killing of American People is "Just the Price of having Freedom...", if the Shooter is a White Christian or "ISIS behind it", if the Shooter is a Muslim! For example, and this is just one example, CNBC ran this 1 Hour program, and ran it repeatedly, to tell the American People that the AR-15 Assault Weapon used in many of these Mass shootings, such as the shooting in Orlando, Aurora Colorado, Newtown, Connecticut, and I quote:

"America's Gun: The Rise of the AR-15"
here: http://www.cnbc.com/id/100660749

So in Wall Street Media, rather than running articles after stories to tell the American people how and why it is that other developed Nations such as UK, Australia, Canada, Japan, etc. have Murder rates that are a tiny fraction of that of USA, which reasons are that they have:
1- Strict Gun Laws
2- Government run Universal Socialized Healthcare (NHS), so that People with Mental Healthcare need can get the Mental Healthcare they need rather than have their healthcare need fester into an orgy of Mass killings
3- Do not glorify Murder and Violence as US Media does via such despicable Movies as "American Sniper"

all of which problems with USA, Republicans and right-wing Media champion, and Obama Democrats talk about but they only talk about and actually do nothing about. So Wall Street owned Media, rather than bringing these facts, these problems with USA, to the attention of American people, which problems are resulting in 10,000+ Americans being Killed per Year just by Guns, such as this Mass killing of these 50 American people in Orlando or the Mass killing of 23 American people in Newtown Connecticut, or Mass killing of 13 American people in Columbine, etc. etc. the Wall Street owned Media is Fear Mongering about ISIS which ISIS has supposedly Killed 3 American People in total!

Meanwhile Hollywood conveys message of Death & dystonian world

Meanwhile, Hollywood conveys a message of Death & dystonian world future in a diet of movies in which violence and danger are ever present conditions of human existence. And on television, a plethora of cop shows and crime dramas, many of them painstakingly procedural, paint a picture of a dystonian world in which the ‘bad guys’ are out there ready to pounce – a world in which the weak are constantly preyed upon and where everyone is a potential adversary. The disconnect that exists between the myth of America and the reality is concealed by a corporate media, aka Wall Street owned Media from CBS to ABC to CNN to Fox to Hollywood to Google to CNBC, etc. that has poisoned the level of political and intellectual debate.

And Obama Democrats and Republican & Wall Street owned Media, aka Right-wing lying Media, that controls these 2 Parties have agreed on and done what?
They have agreed on Bombing Syria! under we are fighting the ISIS threat.
They have agreed on War-Mongering about Ukraine & Russia.
etc. War-Mongering & Hate-Mongering.

It is the Liberal policies that are the cause of the Incredible Murder & Crime rates in USA!!!

Now as bad as the above facts are, the right-wing Media in US, which is almost entire US Media, in proving what a lying brain washing machine it has been and still is, specially prior to the Internet age when the right-wing Cabal could get away with their dastardly lies without being set corrected by sites such as this site, whenever such horrific mass killings occur, would blame the horrific events on Liberals and Liberal Policies. From such psychos as Rush, Beck, Hannety, etc. mentioning 100s of times that Liberal this and Liberal that was to blame for this Murder shooting, to the whole of the evangelical Christians on various TV and Radio program blaming the Murder and crimes in US on Liberal this Liberal that.

But obviously this claim is patently false since again in countries that are much more Liberal than USA, from European Countries, to Canada, to Japan, etc. whom are so Liberal that they all have Government run Universal Socialized health care, that they all have Strict laws on Gun purchase & ownership, they have Murder & and incarceration rates that are 10 to 40 time LESS than US. And as in case of Australia, UK, etc. whom after their Mass Shootings in 1996 passed Strict Gun Laws by their conservative parties, they have had Zero or 1 Mass shooting.

So if you are wondering how it is that USA has a Mass shooting rate that is a mind blowing 20,000% HIGHER than rest of developed World, you have to look to the answer no further than the fact that it is 2016 and USA still does not have something as essential for the well being of her People as Government run Universal Socialized health care (NHS), something that would result in All Americans having health care FREE for the Taxes that we already pay, as is the case in rest of the developed World, so that American people such as these victims of these Mass shooting would NOT be victimized further by the Terror of worrying about their health care costs after being shot or so that the shooters of these Mass Killing events could have gotten "Mental Health Care" they needed, for free, rather than have suffered and suffered due to no health care, because they could not afford the exorbitant cost of Healthcare in USA, which fact the joke called ObamaCare, aka RomneyCare light, aka un-affordable Wall Street rip off, makes NO real difference in, so due to not being able to get the mental healthcare that they need for their mental healthcare, they exploded in yet another Mass Killing of American People.

And to add further insult to injury, rather than dealing with the real cause of these non-STOP Mass Shooting in USA, they will be Fear Mongering about ISIS! Why? So as to distract your attention from what is really wrong with USA, which problems are put into place and are kept in place by the same Wall Street Media/Cabal that is behind these Obama Democrats & Republicans and them Championing what is wrong with USA rather than fixing them.

Ultimate Non-sense: But Chicago has Strict Gun Laws and has Record Shootings

As the final proof of what either Lunatics Republicans and right-wing Media are, or what True Enemy within they are, when told that Countries such as Australia, UK, etc. that passed Strict Gun Laws have had a 99% reduction in Mass Shootings, they will state this utter non-sense: "Chicago has had restrictive gun laws, and look they have Record Murder rates..."

The answer to this which astonishing statement OBVIOUSLY is:

1- You cannot have Gun Laws on a State or City basis, since the guy in Chicago will just drive to Indiana and buy what Gun he wants and then drive back to Chicago and carry out his Murders. Strict Gun Laws only work on Federal National basis.

2- This situation is even WORSE than that in USA, since in USA you can buy any Guns over the Internet and Gun Shows are exempt from these feeble City/State Laws.

Now entire Developed World has figured these facts out, as they have figured out that Government run Universal Socialized Healthcare (NHS) and other such Social services are essential to well being of the Nation, but all these and more facts the BASTARDS on right-wing Media in US, from ABC to CNN to MSNBC to Fox to CNBC to Wall Street Journal, etc., either do not inform the American People fully about, as in case of MSNBC, etc. or tell them the exact opposite off, as in case of Fox, etc. resulting in Millions of Average American being turned into raving lunatics compared to the rest of the Developed World, by for example stating that:
"Strict Gun Laws do not work as per them not working in Chicago..."
"Bad Guys such as ISIS are going to get the Weapons they want..."
"Government run Universal Socialized Healthcare is Socialism and will bankrupt us, just look at the Europeans..."
etc. Psychotic non-sense.

(*) Homicide rates in U.S. tower over those of other wealthy European nations:

(*) Bryan Fischer Blames 'Liberals' Way' For Aurora Mass Shooting

(*) '27 dead' in Connecticut primary school shooting

(*) US gun violence: Product of poisoned society and normalization of inhumanity

(*) Mississippi Gun-Store Owner and Son Die in Shootout with Customers

(*) At least 108 people shot over three days in Chicago, Baltimore and New York

(*) Chicago Had Its Deadliest Month (August) In Nearly 20 Years — With 483 total homicides so far this year

(*) Japan has only Six gun deaths last Year, compared to 33,599 in the US. WHY?

(*) US police shoot more Americans dead per typical month than British police shoot Brits dead in 100 years

(*) Comparing Gun Deaths by Country: The U.S. Is in a Different World

(*) How murder and suicide figures plummeted in Australia after gun control laws were introduced

(*) No Mass Shootings in Australia in 20 Years: How Did They Do It?

(*) Since Sandy Hook, More NRA-Backed Gun Legislation Has Passed Than Laws To Restrict Guns

(*) Americans are 10 times more likely to be killed by guns than people in other developed countries, a new study finds.

(*) Mapping murder throughout the world

(*) Mass Shootings you read in Main stream Media, aka right-wing Media, are just a drop in totals:

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COMMENTS     Posted: 35    Pending: 0

By Member: Ossena 2016-07-11

Really amazing how US Media does not tell American People that strict Gun Laws, such as those in UK, Australia, etc. Developed Nations is the answer to the Mass Shootings in USA. Instead they keep focusing on the individual shooters and interviewing the People who knew them, or talking about anything and everything but the real facts, which facts are that Mass Shootings in USA are due to:
1- Insane Gun Laws in USA and not having strict Gun Laws
2- Lack of necessary Social Services such as Government run Universal Socialized Healthcare (NHS) so that the shooters can get the Mental care they need, which of course they are not going to get if they have to pay $10,000 Deductible as is the case with typical Healthcare insurance in USA
3- Hollywood celebrating Killing and destruction of Human life, from "American Sniper", to "Purge", etc etc.

By Member: diasoluyalu 2016-06-14

On ne peut rien attendre de bon des autorités U$.

By Member: real_patriot 2016-06-14

C'est tellement vrai. Gouvernement des États-Unis ne se soucie que pour Israël et Wall Street Rich

By Member: Knutsen 2016-06-14

More Mass Shootings in USA. What else is new!
So the news is not that there was yet another Mass Shootings in USA, but American People are such gutless coward, or brain dead by right-wing Media in USA, that they do not rise up and put an end to these Mass Shootings of American People, due to the corrupt Politicians and Media in USA that are obviously controlled by the Gun Lobby, Military Lobby, Israel Lobby. And the HELL with American People as per USA having a Mass Shootings per Month wherease typical Country in Europe has a Mass Shootings per Decade, if even that.

By Member: ashrafgedawy 2016-06-13

The Orlando Terrorism Attack By Dr. Peter E. Tarlow

By Member: real_patriot 2016-06-14

Thank you for SPAMMING US :(

Reporting this to Admin as SPAM

By Member: dreamer 2015-10-03

Looking at it from a European perspective the Gun Laws of America are crazy. There are no background checks, and seemingly anyone, even an outright nutter, can buy lethal armaments, across the counter - as if they were loafs of bread - and then run amok and go on a killing spree. In the US you are at far more danger from some lethally armed lone misfit, than you are from any terrorist organisation. And yet all the money and attention goes on the perceived terrorist threat, while the dangers posed by crazies with guns seems to be blissfully ignored. This latest gun outrage isn't the first and it wont be the last. But it has no affect on the political class, which just seems to be in pocket of the National Rifle Association. It would be my guess that the majority of the American people would like some sort of gun control legislation to prevent further such tragedies happening again. But against the power of influential lobby groups and their political associates, there is almost no chance of such a thing coming about.

By Member: real_patriot 2015-10-03

dreamer, it is not that our Politicians are in the pocket of NRA, but that they are owned and controlled by Military Industrial Complex and Zionist Wall Street Bankers, both of which Groups for their nefarious reasons want the American People in perpetual Fear of Islamic Terrorist or whatever new Fear Mongering they can come up with tomorrow rather than on focusing and fixing the MUCH BIGGER Problems in US, which Problems they have put into place, such as the insane Gun Laws, lack of Universal Healthcare, etc. which have resulted in one Mass Shooting after another in USA, resulted in US having Murder by Guns that are an amazing 200 times worse than UK, Canada, etc.

By Member: dreamer 2015-10-06

real_patriot. I agree. Scares and propaganda, cultivated by politicians and by the corporate media and on-message journalists, are very useful to keep people in line, and to keep things like the Military-industrial Complex going. We are told what the political class and the media want us to hear; while inconvenient truths, and stories that don't fit the narrative, are either ignored or downplayed. That is why Gun control gets scant regard, but 'The War on Terror' (that has only seemed to increase Terror around the world) was giving the go ahead. It is as if the politicians and the people live in parallel worlds. Indeed the ruling class now is almost as out of touch as the one that existed before the Revolution.

By Member: Real_News 2015-10-07

dreamer man. Your answer here is one of the best answers I have written about this issue.
You have totally put your finger on it as to what SCAM the Military-industrial Complex and the politicians & Media they control are playing on US. Specially on USA.
I mean as bad as things are in UK they are literally 1000 times worse in USA given the fact that we do not have the sensible Gun Laws you have and we do not even have something as basic as Government run Universal Socialized Healthcare (NHS), as a result of which 60,000 to 100,000 Americans are Killed per year. And to distract American Peoples minds from these horrendous facts, they started Fear Mongering about this super BS called ISIS that has supposedly Killed 3 Americans!

By Member: dreamer 2015-10-11

By Member. Thanks for that nice comment you made on the piece I wrote. in an ideal world politicians would address the ills of their own societies, rather than embarking on dangerous military adventures, overseas, and manufacturing bogeymen and villains to combat. But the professional politicians and their press collaborators, realise that scare-propaganda, even of it's based on deceptions and misinformation, is a useful means to divert public attention from crucial domestic issues - such as inequality, croney capitalism, gun violence and lack of affordable healthcare - that require urgent attention.

By Guest:   stop_your_lies 2014-07-23

I wonder when CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, etc. are going to show the life story of each of these victims of American Gun violence as they have showed the life story of each of the victims of the Malaysia crash in Ukraine?
Lets not even talk about 1-Million Iraqis killed by US/UK and the 1000s and 1000s of Palestinians killed by Israel.

By Member: Europal 2014-06-30

I like your news site alot. So much so I Donated $2500 to you,
People WorldWide specially in Europe need to read this news site to know.

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