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Author: Real_News
Date Posted: 2013-10-03
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Republican Government shutdown over ObamaCare, aka RomneyCare light, is Ultimate proof of what Con Job they are playing on US!
Republican Government shutdown or not raise the Debt ceiling, which will lead to economic calamity for Middle Class since the Wall Street Cabal will get richer from this calamity as they always do from all economic calamities, unless ObamaCare is defunded is final proof as to what utter complete lunatics or worse the TRUE ENEMY within Republicans & right-wing Media are. And what a fraud Obama Admin are. It is just another reminder of the "good cop bad cop" Con Job that Republicans, Obama Democrats and the Wall Street owned Media that controls these 2 fake parties are playing on US.

After all what is ObamaCare?

ObamaCare is a total JOKE of a health care reform since it is based on plans proposed by Ultra right-wing Heritage Foundation which plans lead to RomneyCare, but here is the really KILLER part, ObamaCare is NOT even as Liberal & Socialized as RomneyCare! Given the fact that for example ObamaCare mandates companies with 50 or more employees to provide health insurance to their employees while RomneyCare has same mandate on 12 or more.

This means Republicans and right-wing Media by opposing ObamaCare are opposing their own proposal, and again not even as Liberal & Socialized as what they proposed which became RomneyCare! This is absolute proof that Republicans, right-wing Media, and in particular the Wall Street Billionaires that make them possible, are playing a beyond EVIL Con Job on US. That is by opposing the watered down version of the health care reform that they had proposed, aka ObamaCare, they are proving their mission is:

1- Maximize number of Americans that have NO health care,
2- Maximize cost of health care to American people,
3- Maximize number of Americans killed due to NO health care.

If this is not proof of a TRUE parasitic ENEMY within, what is?

NHS is ultimate proof of Republican lunatics & fraud Obama Democrats

The full picture of is even worse.

That is ObamaCare is a total JOKE since 4 freaking Years after its passage it did not go into effect! And once it did go into some effect on Oct/1st/2013 then 99% of people trying to sign-up could not get through its Web site and once they did they found out that it is an absolute joke, a gift to Wall Street and a finger at Main street as we have been telling you all along, since the health insurance plans that you can get through it come with INSANE deductibles of $5000 to $10,000 per Person per Year; thus rendering these health insurance plans totally useless for typical person or family.

Moreover, Republican lunatics, FRAUD Obama Democrats, and the Wall Street owned Media/Cabal behind them, know that Government run Universal Socialized Single payer Health care (NHS) is the only way to run the Health Care of a Country, given the facts that:

1- Their beloved Israel has NHS.
2- Their beloved Margaret Thatchers Conservative party in UK has NHS.
3- In fact all Conservative parties in Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan, etc. are all 100% for their NHS.
4- The Ultra Right-Wing Heritage Foundation, who is the brain behind Republican lunatics and ObamaCare, lists on their Web site as the Top 10 Most Free countries, countries whom all have NHS and even those that have Single Payer NHS such as Australia, here:

And why ALL Conservative parties, repeat for Republican lunatics, fraud Obama Democrats & lying Wall Street owned Media, ALL Conservative parties, in Europe, Canada, Australia, Israel, etc. are 100% for their NHS? Because it SAVES 50% on cost of health care while giving health care to all.

Since Single Payer NHS would mean the following:

1- Every American would have health care FREE for Medicare Taxes they already pay,
2- Health insurance expenses of (Small) businesses would go down to ZERO.
3- We would cut health care spending and associated Deficits/Debt by 50%, which means cut the Debt/Deficit that Republicans supposedly are all of a sudden so worried about, by $1-Trillion per Year

So who but the true enemy of a Nation, would not be 100% for NHS given the above absolute good of NHS? And that is why again all Conservative parties in Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan, etc. are all 100% for their NHS.

So given the above facts:
What does Obama Admin do? It passes the exact opposite of NHS, it passes a health care plan proposed by Ultra right-wing Heritage Foundation, a health care plan that is a gift to Wall Street and a finger at Main Street, a health care plan that 4 freaking years since its passage rather than giving health care to all American people and lower health care costs has done the exact opposite, again because it is the EXACT OPPOSITE of NHS.

And what do Republicans & right-wing Media, aka Wall Street own Media do?
They oppose the health care plan that they had proposed, aka RomneyCare, a light version of which Obama passed!

So Rich that we give FREE Military to Rich countries of Germany, South Korea, Japan, etc.

To see what a Con Job these made up economic Crisis by Republican lunatics, fraud Obama Democrats, and Wall Street owned Media/Cabal that controls these 2 parties are, ask them, will the Government shutdown mean that:

1- We will close the US bases in Germany, South Korea, Japan, etc. and bring these troops, aka Government employees, home and stop these Government spending? After all according to Republican lunatics "We are broke..", so why are we giving FREE Military to Rich countries of Germany, South Korea, Japan, etc. who are not facing any Government shutdown, whose economies are thriving as per them having much lower unemployment than US, they give health care to ALL their people as per them all having Government run Universal Socialized Health care(NHS)

2- Will we give no more FREE Military protection to Israel? And lets state which Israel has the most Socialized form of NHS where they give health care to all their people FREE for Taxes they pay

3- Will US Navy no longer state that it is the "Global Force for Good" when no one in the Globe is giving it 1 Cent but all its expenses are paid by US Tax payers aka US Government?

Republicans & Democrats answer to these questions will be: NO NO you Silly, these Government spendings will go out as usual, Government shutdown only affects average (expendable) American people from the:
1. pathetic $1500 per Month in SS benefits that Americans get,
2. to National parks closing,
3. to NO Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women and Children (aka WIC)
4. to EPA not doing its Job so Koch brothers can pollute the air as they like

but we are so Rich & spending is such a non-issue that we will continue to give FREE Military to Rich countries of Germany, South Korea, Japan, etc.

Or to see what a Con Job this Debt & Deficit fear-mongering are consider the fact that when it comes to one War after another War after another War, such as $2-Trillion Iraq War, $2-Trillion Afghan War, or Syria War that Obama Democrats were gunning for and Bohner, Cantor, etc. were in instant agreement with Or to our Gargantuan Military budget, so Gargantuan that it is larger than Military budget all countries on Planet Earth combined, THEN spending & Debt/Deficits are NO problem.

But when it comes to giving American people Universal health care, something that rest of developed World has given its People for decades, THEN all of a sudden Republicans & right-wing Media start their Debt/Deficit Con Job by saying:

“We are broke….”,
“We are borrowing from our Grandchildren”
“When you are in a Hole you stop digging”
"We know you cannot replace Debt with more Debt"

Ted Cruz compares health care for American people to same as Nazism!

Finally, to see what utter complete lunatics or really the TRUE ENEMY within Republicans and specially the so called TEA Party are, there is no better example than Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

That is him getting up on the Senate floor and comparing giving health care to some Americans, under too high a cost, which is what ObamaCare is, to be Nazism! To really see this point, ask this Ted Cruz or any members of right-wing Media, what do you think of Israel? They will answer that:
"Israel is an example of a Free Market economy success", Reagan
"Israel health care system is a Marvel", Romney

And then ask them, do you know, which of course you do, that Israel has 100% Government run Universal Socialized health care? Where all Israeli's have access to same health care FREE for life for Taxes they pay. Here:

So how is it Mr. Cruz your beloved Israel having 100% Socialized health care makes them "Wonderful example of Free Market economy success", which is TRUE, but Americans having a watered down mini step toward Socialized health care, which is this joke called ObamaCare, makes us Nazis? HOW? Answer this question you traitor. What kind of a sick Con Job are you People playing on American People?

So the Question is, when will American People finally rise up to this Republican lunatics & fraud Democrats? And put an end to these 2 parties and bring about real 3rd parties that are beholden to American people rather than Wall Street, Israel & Military Industrial complex? Keeping in mind that the Billionaire gang behind Republican lunatics & fraud Obama Democrats, will in an instant fund and create even more lunatic parties than Republicans such as TEA, Libertarian, etc. parties.

(1) Margaret Thatchers Conservative party in UK is 100% for their Universal nationalized (aka Socialized) single payer health care

(2) Ultra right-wing Heritage Foundation plans that lead to RomneyCare, which became ObamaCare

(3) A great example of that Republicans will say any Lunatic non-sense, Ronald Reagan calling Medicare to be Socialisim

(4) The Heritage Foundation now disowns that it came up with the idea of ObamaCare

(5) Millions Left Uncovered by Health Law due to Republican not accepting Medicare expansion

(6) To see what a joke ObamaCare is, consider that 99% of people trying to access the got no where

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COMMENTS     Posted: 21    Pending: 0

By Guest:   nickelMan 2013-11-10

So US is so Rich
Spending such a non-issue
Government is such a solution and Government is capable of doing great
that we just launched another Nuclear Air Craft career, here:

This means US has now 15 Nuclear Air Craft careers, vs 2 for the rest of the Planet Earth and let state each of these Nuclear Air Craft careers are a Marvel of technology & high tech and they like the rest of US Military are 100% Tax payer funded and Government run.

How Stupid do they think We the People are?

By Member: sasudt 2014-06-19


By Member: Reporter 2013-10-24

U know there is no better proof that a true enemy within is waging War on American people, and that this enemy within is the Wall Street Billionaires than the fact that this Ted Cruz guy gets his health insurance through Gold Man Sachs, here:

Which Gold Man Sachs, along with other Wall Street gang members are making an EXTRA $1-Trillion per year from health care due to not having health care in this country operated on Government run Universal Socialized Single payer Health care as is the case in Gold Man Sach CEOs Loyd Balnkfiens beloved Israel, or rest of the developed World for that matter.

By Guest:   stop_de_lies 2013-10-14

Good article. I would add that:
The real force behind Gov shutdown -- it's Citizens United's.

As a result of the Supreme Court's 2010 ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission (FEC), a handful of moneyed interests have managed to circumvent the democratic process and engineer a government shutdown that nobody else wanted. The forces driving the current shutdown are just the latest indication of a disturbing trend in American politics: Elected officials increasingly feel accountable to a vanishingly small percentage of the population with the financial means to threaten their political existence instead of the voters they're elected to represent.

For more check out:

Specially check out that:
Put another way, 216 people spent nearly 11,000 times the amount an average family of four makes in an entire year on vapid attack ads produced by nebulous groups with names like "Americans for a More American America."

By Guest:   Cruz_is_the_Man 2013-10-11

The tea party approach is perfectly valid, so long as it is taken to its logical conclusion. The expense of a recession is largely due to the increase in welfare costs – money given to unproductive moochers. Simply cancel all forms of welfare, including social security and medicare, and the surplus will magically appear! Furthermore, the increased mortality rate among democratic voters will cement the Republican majority for years to come.
I don’t know why you Liberal idiots can’t understand this.

By Member: Reporter 2013-10-12

Your comment fully captures the essence of this article, that you Republicans are either utter complete lunatics or worse the true enemy within. After all who but the true enemy within would say and want: " Furthermore, the increased mortality rate among democratic voters will cement the Republican majority for years to come."

By Guest:   jossilin 2013-10-08

You want to know what a joke ObamaCare is, I went to the Web site and filed the info after long long waits.
Then it sent it will send me an email to confirm my sign-up. As soon as I got that email I confirmed it, but it then said:

"Oops. You didn't check your email in time.

You should've gotten an email from the Marketplace with a link, but too much time has passed for that link to work. Re-enter your information now, and we'll send you another email. Check your email soon, and click the link in the email to create your Marketplace account. If you've already verified your email address, you can log in If you've already verified your email address, you can log in here."

So you going around and around filling up this form, it sending you an email to confirm it, and it saying that:
"Oops. You didn't check your email in time."

And this BULL Sheeeeet 4 Years after Obama Admin passed this joke of a health care reform and Republican lunatics been running against it as being "Socialism"! Man what a sick joke these bastards are playing on American people :(

By Member: real_patriot 2013-10-08

Yes, this joke is called health care reform by Obama & US Media.
This market based health care system, where we are forced to buy health insurance from for profit Wall Street owned health insurance companies, at exorbitant prices, given the insane $10,000 deductibles per Year and other expenses, is "Socialism" according to Republicans proving what utter complete lunatics they are.

And to add insult to injury the Web site does not work 98% of the time :(
welcome to the joke that is USA :(

By Member: Reporter 2013-10-03

OBamaCare is designed to fail, so that the Republican lunatics & right-wing lying Media can then say: "See Socialism does not work..." when OBamaCare is the EXACT OPPOSITE of Socialized health care, given the fact that it mandates us to buy health care from the same Wall Street backed companies that have brought us the current bankrupting system without our Government tightly regulating what these greedy bastards can charge. Given the fact that Government run Universal Socialized Single Payer health care (NHS) means this:

1- Every American would have health care FREE for Medicare Taxes we already pay,
2- Health insurance expenses of (Small) businesses would go down to ZERO.
3- We would cut health care spending and associated Deficits/Debt by 50%, which means cut the Debt/Deficit that Republicans supposedly are all of a sudden so worried about by $1-Trillion per Year

NONE of which ObamaCare does because it is a health care devised by Wall Street for Wall Street.

By Member: Real_News 2013-10-03

And lets also state that above incredibly POSITIVE reasons are why all Conservative parties parties in Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan, etc. are all 100% for their NHS

By Member: republu 2013-10-03

Dude, you make me feel so smart because you are so ignorant. In fact, I can just say what I said to last time without even reading your incoherent dissertation:

Don’t be such a crybaby and learn about history and market economics; more importantly free markets.
You are a dope pal.
Maybe they don’t write about it because successful people make the world go around. Scumbag politicians make all of those other things happen.
1. Healthcare is already free. Now the free health care will be of poorer quality because when things are free, they stink.
2. Life is tough. If you get sick, the healthcare has to be paid for somehow. There is no magic bag of money to pay for government sponsored boondoggles. It comes from the pockets of guys like this pervert in the article or from me and my fellow business owners.
3. no one forces people to make minimum wage in restaurants. The American dream of wealth and freedom comes from hard work and working your way up.
4. Our college costs are high due to easily attained and easily forgivable college. The universities know this and thus raise the prices. Again a result of stupid politicians and the idiots like you that vote for them.
5. if more people were armed, then psychos would think twice about opening fire on a random crowd.

By Member: Real_News 2013-10-03

republu by saying:
"1. Healthcare is already free. ...."
you have instantly proven what utter complete lunatic you are to not even warrant a spit in your face.

You freaking lunatic, if: "1. Healthcare is already free. ....", why am I paying $15,000 per year for health insurance for my family of 3? While my colleague who works in our Canada office is actually paying ZERO for health insurance, that is he pays his Taxes, just as I pay them in our US, and for that he has total health insurance.

And I beside paying a back breaking $15,000 year per in health insurance, also pay an exorbitant $5000 in deductibles and 20% co-pay, which means if we require a 20 day hospitalization then our health care bill can easily run into $50,000 level.

By Member: Real_News 2013-10-03

And then you pyscho in your 3rd point prove that you know your 1st point is an insane non-sense, by saying:
"no one forces people to make minimum wage in restaurants."

If health care is Free, as you said in your 1st point, then People in restaurant industry would not have to worry about whether they are Minimum wage or not.
So you freaking sub_animal fully KNOW that health care is Not free, you would have to be totally brain dead not to know that fact, yet in your 1st point you start with:
"1. Healthcare is already free. ...."

Really proving in above post of your that you Republicans are not actually utter complete lunatic, but the true enemy within since you will say any non-sense and lies to deny American people NHS.

By Guest:   verchinMoler 2013-10-03

Man you Republicans are beyond lunatic!
As Real_news so well noted: did you actually in same place said that:
1- Healthcare is already free.
And then go on to state that people in Restaurant industry deserve to have NO health care because they make Minimum pay! FAWK brain, what if the person who makes my Sushi has an infectious disease? And currently because we have NO free health care for Taxes he/she pays, then he/she will pass that to me and my kids!

You people are beyond lunatics.

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