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Author: Real_News
Date Posted: 2013-08-27
Viewed: 49,080
Syria War: further proof of FRAUD Obama, Republicans Lunatics and Wall Street owned Media being a right-wing lying machine
First I have to tell you that I worked to elect Obama in the 2008 elections and Voted for him, hoping that he would be a real agent of Change that this country so badly needs and and not another Con Job on us by Republicans & Democrats. However he has proven himself to be the ultimate FRAUD from the JOKE of health care reform that he passed, what Republican lunatics & right-wing Media call ObamaCare, a health care reform that is such a JOKE that 4 years after its passage it has brought no improvement in the catastrophe that is US health care for too many Americans, rather than passing Government run Universal Socialized health care (NHS), which is supported by all Conservative parties in Europe, Canada, Australia, etc., to everything else in between and now the Syria War under the same WMD Bull Sheeet lies and excuse that Bush used to sell the Iraq War.

So this (promised) Syria War by Obama using the same WMD lies used by Bush and US & UK Media to sell the Iraq War are just further proof of what FRAUD Obama is, what right-wing lying War-mongering machine US & UK Media are and what utter complete lunatics TEApublicans are. And how FRAUD Obama Democrats and the TEAPublican lunatics are only there to serve
the Cabal
, which is the Military Industrial complex, Israel & Wall Street and the HEK with every one else including & specially the American People (Main Street).

More to the point this Syria War by Obama is again a reminder that
the Cabal
created this FRAUD Obama to be a Symbol of Change, but actually NO change at all, in fact the exact opposite of change that US needs. That is Obama is a radical Symbol of change given the color of his skin and his name "Barak Obama", hek it even includes Hussein as Middle name, how much more radical sounding than that can you get? Well to get even more radical sounding his Parents are Goat farmers from Kenya! But beside this radical sounding symbols of change, his Admin has actually been to the far far right of Reagan!

So before debunking the reasons, the lies, given for this Syria War by FRAUD Obama Democrats, just as back in 2002 we presented facts upon facts to debunk the Bush & Republican lies about the need for Iraq War, which we were 100% proven to be right on every level, consider the many examples of what FRAUD Obama Admin has been:

1- Obama Admin carried out the Iraq & Afghan Wars just as Bush, even adding 10s of 1000s of Men to the Afghan War and 5 years into its term it still has not ended this War which has cost American people more than $2-Trillion Dollar while China that borders Afghanistan has spent not even $1 on waging War in Afghanistan

2- Obama Admin has engaged in every War-mongering of Bush from Iran to North Korea, and of course now it has added Syria to the list of War-mongering, well actual War

3- Obama Admin has presided over a Military budget that is TWICE as large as it was during the height of Reagan era, you know when Soviet Union existed with its 10 Million Man Army, Ships, Fighter Jets, Sub Marines, Tanks, etc. while today Alqaeda has ZERO Ships, ZERO Fighter Jets, ZERO Sub Marines, ZERO etc. real Weapons

4- Obama Admin has launched not even 1, not even a freaking 1, major Domestic project to create Millions of High Paying Jobs and make badly needed investments in American people & cities that are falling apart, such as the Trillion Dollar that China has spent on High Speed trains, Solar Energy, etc., which Trillion Dollar investments China can make because it does not waste her Money on one War after another War after another War after another War as US does under lies of the FRAUD Obama Democrats and TEAPublican lunatics

5- During the Obama FRAUD Wall Street has hit Record HIGHS after Record HIGHS after Record HIGHS after Record HIGHS after Record HIGHS, while the American Main Street is going down the drain as per Detroit going bankrupt while across the border from Detroit the Canadian cities such as Montreal, Toronto, etc. are thriving and prospering because Canada has Government run Universal Nationalized health care and does not Waste her Money on one War after another War after another War after another War as US does under ObamaBush FRAUD

6- But of course the ultimate proof of what FRAUD Obama Admin has been is that it did not even propose set aside pass real Government run Universal Nationalized health care (aka NHS), which NHS is so right that it is 100% supported by ALL Conservative parties, repeat all Conservative parties, in Europe, Canada, Japan, Israel, etc. Instead it passed a TOTAL JOKE of a health care reform, a health care reform proposed by the Ultra Right Wing Heritage Foundation! A health care reform that is such a FRAUD that 4 Years since its passage it has resulted in NO reduction of Americans without health care, rather than all Americans having health care for Taxes they already pay if we had passed NHS

So even though Obama Admin has been to the far right of Reagan, given the fact that our Military budget is TWICE as large under Obama as it was during the height of Reagan era. Or certainly even though Obama Admin is to the far far right of all Conservative parties, in Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia, etc., given the fact that all these Conservative parties 100% Support their Government run Universal Nationalized health care (NHS), which NHS Obama Admin did not even propose, Republicans & right-wing Media in US are such utter complete lunatics or playing such Con Job on US, that they call this FRAUD Obama Admin, FRAUD because it is so right-wing, to be:
"Socialist", "Leftist Liberal", "Communist", etc. unbelievable non-sense.

About the lies by Obama FRAUD & lying US/UK Media as to why we need wage War on Syria

It is really astonishing, really breath taking, that Obama Admin beside having carried out the Iraq & Afghanistan Wars just as Bush, is using the same WMD Bull Sheeet lies that Bush and Republicans used to sell the Iraq War to sell the Syria War! One has to say that this ObamaBush as agents of
the Cabal
, and certainly not as representatives of the American People, have NO Shame & NO Limit.

After all the Bull Sheeet reason given by ObamaBush about Syrian War, is that:
"We need to protect Civilians from Death, due to Chemical Weapons.." or something like that, since it changes all the time as the reasons ObamaBush gave for Iraq War changed all the time. So in answer to this reasoning:

1- Does it make any sense for the Syrian (Assad) Government to have launched this Chemical attack when Obama & the Military Industrial Complex in US had stated that the red line for attacking Syria is: "if Syrian (Assad) Government uses Chemical Weapons"
Does it? Or does it make more sense that the Rebels whom are CIA financed, launched this Chemical Weapon attack so that ObamaBush could then say: "Look! Red Line Crossed, we need to attack"!

2- Why not wait for the UN to report who launched this Chemical attack?

3- Moreover, when did the US become worried about Civilian Causalities in Middle East? When it killed about 1-Million Civilians in Iraq during 1st and 2nd Iraq War and in between! Some of whose fotos you can see here.

4- How in GODs name Bombing Syria and KILLING Syrian Civilians as US killed about 1-Million Civilians in Iraq, is saving the Syrian Civilians?

5- How is bombing Syria going to solve anything but make the situation much WORSE? After all even though US invaded Iraq and physically removed Saddam Hussein, the situation there has gone from bad to incredibly worse as the Country is nearly in total ruin more than 10 Years since the 2nd US War on Iraq with Iraqis dying daily in the 10s and 100s, where for example today as I write this article close to 100 Civilians were killed in Bombing across Baghdad. That is 100 Iraqi Civilians killed just today due to the MESS that US created in Iraq with is bombing of Iraq.

Bottom line, bombing Syria under even more flimsy WMD lies by Obama Admin than Bush Admin WMD lies to invade Iraq is absolute proof of what FRAUD Obama Admin. And as horrendous and Criminal as Bush Admin reasoning was for Iraq War the reasoning for Syria War is even worse. Moreover just as we told you that the Iraq War will only benefit the
the Cabal
and will damage everyone else as it lead to the Crash of US economy & Housing in 2008, we can tell you that the US attack on Syria will again only benefit
the Cabal
and will bring only Death & Destruction to the Syrian People and more Debt & economic failure for American People.

Killing by explosion based bombs are worse than killing by Poison Gas killing

The key reason, aka LIES, by ObamaBush for Syria War just as with Iraq War, is that they used Poison Gas, aka Chemical Weapons. Of course this WMD bogey man bull sheeet has become the new excuse by the War-mongers and Israeli agents in US to argue for and wage one War after another in Middle East since all the War mongers have to do is to say: "you used WMD... Prove that you did not use it ... and then of course accept no proof... ".

But more to the point this Poison Gas, Chemical Weapons, WMD, reasoning for staging War is just a total Con Job of reasoning because:
1- Killing by explosive based Bombs is much worse than killing by Poison Gas bombs as US killed almost 1-Million Iraqis with Bombs & Bullets.
2- Poison Gas is actually much more humane than dropping bombs as per example of when US wants to execute someone in US, as US is one of the few countries in the World that still executes people since all civilized countries from Europe, to Canada, etc. have outlawed execution, they do not drop bombs on them or shoot them but use Poison Gas to execute them since that is the most humane way of killing a human.
3- The only real Weapon of Mass Destruction, WMD, is Nuclear Bombs which only US has used by dropping 2 of them on Japanese cities (aka Civilians)
4- A much much worse Chemical Weapon than Poison Gas that Syria supposedly used, or Iraq supposedly had, is Napalm which kills in a most indiscriminate fashion and with injury and suffering until death that makes a Poison Gas to be absolutely the most humane death in comparison, and USA dropped 10s of 1000s of Tons of Napalm on German cities, Korean people, Vietnam, Iraq, etc. What makes Napalm the worst of the worst of all Chemical Weapons and Weapons of Mass Destruction is that: " it sticks to human skin, with no practical method for removal of the burning flesh...."

To see how see indiscriminate killings by Napalm are watch this sample Video from US bombing in Vietnam War era

What about we have too much Debt & Deficits that Republican lunatics were running?

The Syria War spending via a blank check, just as the $2-Trillion spent on Iraq War by ObamaBush, $1-Trillion spent so far on Afghan War by ObamaBush or the US Military budget being so Gargantuan that is larger than Military budget of all other countries on planet Earth combined, are just further reminders of the Con Job that TEApublican & right-wing Media been running on US over last few years about their sudden worry about Debt & Deficits.

You remember that the Speaker of the House John Bohner saying:
"We are broke...."
Or the "Fiscal Cliff" or the "Sequester", etc. Spending worries

So when it comes to spending on American People & Cities, such as:
* Providing health care to all Americans where by example 90%+ of workers in Restaurant industry have NO health care
* Upgrading our infrastructure that are falling apart
* Investing in Cities like Detroit so they do not go bankrupt as NO Canadian, German, Australian, etc. City has gone bankrupt

Then TEApublican & right-wing Media will state that:
“We are broke….”,
“We have too much Debt…”,
“We are borrowing from our Grandchildren”
“When you are in a Hole you stop digging”
"We know you cannot replace Debt with more Debt"
etc. Debt & Deficit fear-mongering Con Job

But when it comes to another Multi-Trillion Dollar War in Middle East which Wars only benefit Israel and have NO benefit for American people, set aside Iraqi or Syrian people, etc. THEN TEApublican lunatics, FRAUD Obama Democrats & right-wing Media are in instant agreement and instantly approve such spending.

How Stupid do these people think American People are?

UPDATE I: Sep/10/2013

So Obama War on Syria was stopped by Russia proposing to put all Syrian Chemical Weapons under UN control. Obama Admin used this diplomatic offer to delay their attack on Syria. But is Obama Admin serious about finding a diplomatic solution to their threat of War on Syria? All evidence are ABSOLUTE NO and that Obama is pulling a full Bush reasoning for attacking Syria using this diplomatic offer. that is:

1- Obama is insisting that Syria giving up its Chemical Weapons to be tied with a threat of force by UN. This way then they can claim that Syria has not given up its Chemical Weapons, NO MATTER how much Syria or others say that it has, and thus have a UN sanctioned trigger for attacking Syria which is the exact excuse and mechanism that Bush used to justify the War on Iraq after the 2nd UN resolution specifically authorizing War on Iraq was rejected.

2- Obama Admin and its agents that is its UN envoy have started using the same exact Bull Sheet UPSIDE DOWN reasoning for selling the attack on Syria as Bush and his UN envoy used to sell the Iraq War, that is:
"Russia is taking the UN hostage...."!
And how is that?
By Russia not agreeing to green light the US attack on Syria! Set aside that China is also NOT agreeing to US attacking Syria. And it is the exact function of UN to OK military action against a country if all its Permanent Members agreed to such an action.

And to add insult to injury, lying machines such as John Kerry will say such things as:
"The whole World demands that we punish Assad for these Chemical attacks..."
When the only members of the World that are of such opinion are US, Israel and NO ONE else is really of such opinion, not even UK which was member of US War on Iraq. And certainty most of the "The whole World" is appalled by such War-mongering and opposes it since China, Russia, India, etc. countries composing more than 80% of the population of the "The whole World" oppose it. But somehow to the War-mongering lying machine that is ObamaBush and Wall Street owned Media, 80% of the World opposing US attacking Syria, is the same things as the "The whole World demands it..."

How Stupid do these people think the World Community is?

Here is a Video of US soldiers Killing Civilians in Iraq and Joking about it! This is what Obama has in mind for protecting Civilians in Syria? Now imagine the Civilian death & destruction that will be caused if this was a Jet fighter firing a 2000-LB Bomb! Imagine 1000s of such Jets firing 1000s of such 2000-LB Bombs!

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COMMENTS     Posted: 28    Pending: 0

By Guest:   FreeUMind 2014-03-24

When stating that it is a total hypocrisy, to put it mildly, just another WarMongering total lie to put it more exactly, for ObamaBush to state that they want to Bomb Syria because they are worried about Syrian civilians lets not forget the US/Nato bombing of Serbia which KILLED 2,000+ Serbians including at least 80 Children. Here is a good related article:


By Guest:   DisWay 2013-12-09

this autumn when Obama tried to make the case that Bashar al-Assad was responsible for the chemical weapons attack near Damascus on 21 August. In some instances, he omitted important intelligence, and in others he presented assumptions as facts. Most significant, he failed to acknowledge something known to the US intelligence community


By Guest:   vzonManner 2013-11-04

Great article.
Great News Site. Keep up the Great Work.
Want to add, this article:

Drone strikes in Pakistan

Civilians killed: 416-948
Children killed: 168-200

which is a very good further proof as to what fraud Obama is, that is he is controlled by same Military Industrial Complex that controlled Bush and from whose teets the Republican lunatics suck from.

By Guest:   DisWay 2013-12-09

Yes, the Wall Street Cabal that controls this fraud Obama must be laughing silly having sold American people this fraud Obama and his lie that "Change you can believe in" when he is controlled by same right-wing Machinery behind Republican lunatics.

By Member: real_patriot 2013-09-18

So we are done with the Syria BS, for now, and on cue TEAPublican lunatics & right-wing media have started the Debt & Deficit BS leading to Government shut down.

To see what a Con job this is: ask the TEAPublican lunatics & right-wing media, if we have a Government shut down does that mean we will pull the US troops out of Germany, South Korea, Japan, etc. RICH countries whose economies are doing GREAT and they have no Government shut down to worry about and instead are making MASSIVE investment in their People & cities. Would it?

If we have a Government shut down does that mean we will give NO more blank check free Military support to Israel? Would it?

Ask TEAPublican lunatics and FRAUD Obama Democrats as to the answer to these questions to know what a Con Jon on US this Debt & Deficit BS is.

By Guest:   MMarket 2013-09-17

There is no better of how Israeli agents control the US Media and want us bombing and killing one Moslem country after another than this article in washingtonpost:


In this article, this guy Richard Cohen, who is astonishingly sold as "Liberal", whom actually is a member of the Israeli war-machine, aka neo cons, is arguing that Obama is a Bush and then he states that Obama should have Bombed Syria earlier to not be a Bush! What the FAWwwwk! That is the exact opposite of what would make Obama a Bush (aka War-monger). It is absolutely insane meanginless drivel to sell more Wars by saying anything no matter how insanely non-sense!

By Guest:   RadoMilovich 2013-09-13

What I find astonishing tell by US Media about what a lying brain washing machine it is is that they keep showing the Video of the few Hundred people that were killed in Syria by the Poison Gas attack but they do not show any Videos of the Millions killed by US in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. by US bombing attacks!

By Guest:   FreeUMind 2013-09-14

That is why it is the entire US Media is a right-wing lying machine. Lying for one War after another War. But you think at least they would give us enough credit to not use the excuse of "US being worried about civilian deaths.." excuse since US has brought about the death of more civilian than any Country on earth.

By Guest:   ShermanDe 2013-09-12

Man how do you like this for "Change you can believe in..." & "Yes We Can..." ?

Obama Democrats are now to the far right of Reagan, they are clamoring for War even more than Republicans are.
What a faaaking joke US Government and Media are if they are going to sell us the Syria war using the same bull crap that Bush used to sell the Iraq war and as you noted the mother faaaakers at the same time have the gull to tell us that we have "Too high a Debt.." and "We need to cut Government spending..." as a result of which for example they have laied off 1000s of Teachers in Philly, Detroit, etc. American cities while at the same time bastards have any Money they want to wage on War after another in middle east.
Faaaaaak these *** Obama Democrats & Republicans, if they this we are so stupid.

U know I am so pissed off of these 2 jak ass parties and our lying media that I just donated $250 to realnewspost.com which is only place that tells is as it is.

By Member: Real_News 2013-09-12

ShermanDe, yes exactly. We are being played in a Sick way by these 2 parties whom only care for Israel and the HELL with American people.

And thanks for your donations. But as important than the donation please pass this article or realnewspost.com/to as many friends and colleagues that you want.

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