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Author: NHS_Facts
Date Posted: 2009-12-01
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The health care proposal by Dems/Obama is a Joke, since it is NOT Universal
The so called health care that Dems/Obama passed shows how right-wing the Democrats are, which means how they govern for the benefit of Big corporations (Big Phrama, Big insurance, etc.) and NOT for the benefit of American people AND what utter complete lunatics Republicans are whom are even more right-wing than the Democrats. After all the so called health care reform by Democrats/Obama:

1- Does NOT bring about Universal health care, that is everyone having access to same health care due to the Government being entitled to Tax us. It supposedly brings it to 94% of people, that means 18Mill Americans will continue to die or go bankrupt due to lack of health care.

2- Does not even end such a criminal murderous practice of denying people who are ill with health care because they are ill (aka pre-existing condition), an act that is so EVIL that in any European country you would go to Jail for it. To be exact the Dems proposed health care reform supposedly ends this practice, but get this, NOT until 2014! This means at least an additional 200,000 Americans will DIE due to this EVIL pre-existing condition in US health care system, where they would be living if they lived in any European nation or any developed nation (1).

3- Does not bring health care costs in US in line with rest of the developed World, which means cut health care costs to 9% of GDP as it is in all European countries, Canada, etc. whom all have Universal Nationalized Health Care.

4- It forces people to buy expensive health care from the same for profit health insurance companies that have brought us our current bankrupting health care system.

etc. etc.

So the only answer to health care is to do what all European countries, Canada, Australia, Japan, Israel (the favorite country of right-wingers) etc. developed nations have ALL done about health care which is to operate health care on a Universal Nationalized basis which means couple of key things:

1- Every one gets the same health care for their obligation to pay Taxes,
2- Health care is pretty much operated on a not-for-profit bass,
3- Salary of people working in the Universal Nationalized health care system are set by our Government, as they are
set by the Governments of UK, Canada, Japan, etc. and in fact as our Government sets the salaries of a 4 Star General,
an Admiral, a Federal Judge, etc. (2)

So the health care proposal by Dems/Obama proves how right-wing Democrats are too to propose a health care system that in 2009 still fails to deliver Universal free or near free, free for the Taxes that we pay, health care as they have in all European countries, Canada, Australia, etc. and what utter complete lunatics Republicans in US are to call the health care proposal by Dems/Obama to be "Government take over of health care..", "Socialism...", etc. utter non-sense. As if these Republican lunatics live on another planet than planet Earth where they cannot see that all European countries, Canada, Australia, etc. have Universal Nationalized Health Care, which means " their Governments have taken over their health care.." as a result of which their economies are doing much better than US economy as evident by how much more valuable Euro is over US Dollar and their health care results too are far better than US health care results given that 50Mill Americans have NO health care and those that do many find out that when they need health care they are hit with exorbitant Deductibles, Co-pays, etc. resulting in 2Mill Americans going bankrupt each year due to health care costs while ZERO Europeans go bankrupt each year due to health care costs resulting in Millions of Americans getting no or not enough health care resulting in US having health care results that are on par with poorest of 3rd World countries compared with European countries, which you can read here:
or here with more details:

(1) To see what a lying Hoax much of US Government & Media are consider the FACT that 1st such an EVIL thing as pre-existing condition thing would have been allowed to be part of the US health care system, thus effectively sentencing at least 50,000 Americans to death each year!!! More on this point here. It is 2009 and it is still part of the system and the so called health care reform by Dems does not remove it by 2014 but then US Government could in matter of months send an Army of 100,000 to Afghanistan and another 100,000 to Iraq at the cost of $2Trillion+ to date to fight a so called Terrorist that on 9/11 killed about 3,000 Americans. I mean if the US Gov really cared about Americans being killed then it would have NEVER allowed pre-existing condition thing be part of US health care system as NO COUNTRY on the Earth allows for such monstrosity to be part of its health care system AND certainly would be acting to remove this
monstrosity from the US health care system within days and not by 2014.

(2) Why all European nations, in fact ALL developed nations have Universal Nationalized health care, because one of the best investment that you can make in your country, in the long term, is to have a healthy society and one that is not going bankrupt due to health care costs. Because a healthy society can work better and harder and as a result ultimately generate more Taxes, generate more goods and services, which means make all richer rather than just the Big Pharma, Big Insurance tycoons richer.

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By Member: Real_News 2010-02-05

In response to this post bout how much better Universal Nationalized Health Care is compared to for profit health care in US and that is WHY all European countries, Canada, Japan, Australia, Israel, etc. have Universal Nationalized Health Care, one of these Republican lunatics did the ONLY thing that they can do in response to the facts provided in support of this fact, as listed here in volumes:

That is he posted one Article from a Canadian online paper about a Canadian that came to US for their health care need, this article:

which actually just further proves the point that Universal Nationalized Health Care is better for 99% of the country, because the 0.001% of Canadians whom come to US, as this guy did, are rich and multi-millionaires. So that exactly proves the point, IF you are rich then US health care is fine, it is just for the 99% of Americans who are not multi-millionaires, as 99% of Canadians are not, that Universal Nationalized Health Care is better.

Now you want to know what Canadians really think about their Universal Nationalized Health Care, here:
Not long ago, CBC, that is Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, asked Canadians to nominate and then vote for The Greatest Canadian in history, 1.5Mill Canadians responded. The winner? Not Wayne Gretzky, Not even Alexander Graham Bell, another finalist. The greatest Canadian ever?
Tommy Douglas, who was the father of the Canadian single payer Universal health care system:

Or read this article which points to repeated studies that show Canadian Universal health care to be much better:

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