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Author: Real_News
Date Posted: 2009-10-21
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US has 2 choices for avoiding US Dollar and economy collapsing
US is a poor bankrupt nation now compared to the European Union as evident by:

1- Euro being MUCH MORE VALUABLE than the US Dollar
2- US Auto makers went bankrupt laying of 100s of 1000s while NOT even 1 European Auto maker went bankrupt and did not lay off even 100 people
3- 2Mill Americans go bankrupt each year due to health care costs while ZERO Europeans go bankrupt each year due to health care costs since in all European countries have Universal Nationalized Health Care
etc. etc.

WHILE at at the same time US Tax payers are paying 100s of Billions of Dollars PE YEAR to base 200,000+ US troops in Europe to protect Europe from an enemy that it does not have, and again a Europe that is MUCH RICHER than US now so if it needed to spend more on Military she easily could. Which is best indication of what a corrupt Government and Media US has that it still maintains troops in 150+ different countries rather than bringing those troops back into US and investing the resulting $100s of Billions of Dollars in American cities which are poor miserable places compared to European cities as evident by the FACT that of the top 20 cities of the World almost all are in Europe and NONE is in US, here:

So US has 2 Options:

1st set of choices are:

1- Cut the US Military budget to have the same ratio to the World Military budgets as the US economy has compared to the World economies. So since the US economy is now 15% of the World economy, then US Military budget should be 15% of total World Military budgets, which means US Military budget should be cut by about 85% to about $90Bill, which means almost all US troops pulled out of Europe and 80% of US bases World Wide closed, so only maintaining the most strategic of bases only. Note: that even once US Military budget is cut by 85% to $90Bill, US will still have the World's number 1 Military budget by far, by a factor of 300% since the next largest Military budget is the Chinese Military budget at $30Bill, which
is the best indication of how Gargantuan US Military budget is and how it is bankrupting the American economy/people.

2- Invest that $500Bill in Military saving in American people and cities and in reduced Taxes of American people. Just imagine $400Bill being invested in American people and cities, each and every year, as a result of this Cut and Saving, this will create 10s of Millions of new Jobs from renewable energy to bullet trains connecting the US cities that are less than 1000 Miles apart, etc. etc. Just think that by bringing the 200,000 US troops back from Europe to US, that they would end up buying 200,000 homes in US which right then will put a huge dent in eliminating the housing crisis in US

3- Provide American families and businesses with Universal Nationalized Health Care and Education which is something that Europeans have been doing for some time. WHY? Because this will SAVE a typical family of 4 about $20,000 per year, at least, also because a healthy and highly educated Society is the best investment that you can make in the long term well being of that Society, because this is the best use of our Taxes and not using to have 300,000+ troops in Europe or Military bases in 128 different countries or sending 10s of Billions of Dollars of our Taxes to Israel, etc. etc.

The 2nd choice US has is to continue with the current path of not taking the above Steps and the US currency and economy will effectively collapse as we get closed to $5 to 1 Euro, which means Oil will cost the Americans $500 per Gallon, and then the US will be forced to cut its Military budget down to $10Bill, pull its troops our of Europe in disgrace and in shame as the Russians pulled their troops out of Europe 20 years ago because their economy collapsed due to them spending too much on Military.

So one way or another US is going to cut its Military budget and pull its troops out of Europe, the only question does US do it now and voluntarily or do it later under duress.

Why does the US have the above 2 choices only? Because US businesses and people simply cannot compete in todays Global economy where Europeans, Japanese, Russian, etc. are spending a far less percentage of their economies on their Military and instead they are spending far more of it on their People and cities by providing them with free, or near free, health care for the Taxes that they pay, free, or near free, higher education for the Taxes that they pay, etc. etc.

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COMMENTS     Posted: 3    Pending: 0

By Member: hsb83 2010-04-08

hmmm...I don't know what happened to my last comment, so if you want delete it... one blog you said the chinese military budget is 30 billion, in another you say it is 50 billion, so which is it?

By Member: Real_News 2010-04-08

Well different reports have the value at different figures. But the FACT is that whatever the Chinese Military budget is, whether it is 50 or 30Bill, that ALL of it is spent in China since ALL Chinese troops and bases are in China while a good part of US Military budget (which means American peoples Taxes) are spent outside of USA as US has Military bases in an amazing 125+ different countries and US is engaged in 2 different Wars almost 10,000 Miles from US while China is not engaged in such unnecessary and totally wasteful and DEFICIT BUSTING Wars.

By Member: hsb83 2010-04-08

In one blog you say the chinese military budget is 50 billion, in this you it is 30 billion, which is it?

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