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Author: Lux_Report
Date Posted: 2009-09-23
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Don't Americans Deserve a Health Care System as Good as the One In France?
A few years ago there was a great uproar from the Right Wing against France because its government opposed the War in Iraq. The Republican Congress went so far as to rename the "French Fries" in the Congressional cafeteria "freedom fries."

Of course, the Republican response was stupid and parochial - and not many years after, most Americans had come to agree with the French that the War in Iraq was a huge mistake.

I think of myself as an internationalist, but my latent sense of nationalist competitiveness is indeed aroused by the fact that, per capita, France spends less than half of what we do on health care and yet the World Health Organization ranks their health care outcomes as number one in the world, and we are only 37th. Moreover we spend $7,290 per person and end up in 37th place. They spend only $3,601 and they are number one. That's just not right. For proof of these numbers in case you are brain washed by the right-wing Media (aka Agents of Big pharma, Big insurance), you can see a great collection of data here:

Also on the average, Frenchmen live almost three years longer than the average American. That's infuriating. AND they drink far more than American and smoke far more than Americans too
What's more, every legal resident of France is covered by health insurance, and in the U.S. 46 million people are uninsured. When someone in France goes to the hospital, everything except a small co-payment is covered - it's that simple.

The government doesn't deliver health care in France. Private doctors and hospitals do most of that. It just provides health insurance for everyone.

If you walk into one store and a suit you like costs $600 - and next door the very same suit is $300 - most people would call you a chump for spending $600. In this case the French are paying $300 and getting a better suit. What are we, idiots?

I, for one, refuse to believe that we are not as smart as the French. I can't believe that we willingly allow ourselves to continue to be fleeced by the private insurance executives who make millions off our current broken health care system.

In their private moments, those executives must not believe their luck. They are laughing all the way to the bank - laughing at us that we could be such suckers - and doing everything they can to keep things just the way they are.

Just today, they and their Republican defenders in Congress will try to prevent the Senate Finance Committee from ending the current practice (put in place by Bush and the Republicans) of subsidizing private insurance firms 14% to provide Medicare Advantage members the same benefits as Medicare. Do they think we are complete fools?

We can and should finally end the stranglehold of private insurance companies over our health care system with strong regulation, and by offering Americans a choice of keeping their private insurance or joining a strong public health insurance plan.

Of course the private health insurance companies hate the thought of a public health insurance option because it would force them to compete, cut profit margins, cut executive salaries, and control costs - just what America needs. And most Americans understand that.

So the only reason we do not have Universal Nationalized Health Care, not even the paltry public option, is that the insurance companies and their allies are allowed to hold our health care hostage by threatening to stop any form of health insurance reform if Congress limits their unfettered ability to fleece us through the current system. It is up to us to make sure that doesn't happen.

Call your Senators today. Tell them that - as Americans-- we're done with being the world's biggest health care chumps. Tell the Republican lunatics and the Republicrats that they may create a Tea party to scare us that there are even bigger lunatics than republicans have been to date, but the game is over, they can not scare us to remain silent anymore while they laugh to the bank via their $50Mill pay year pay checks and their $100Mill private Jets. We can see through their Hoaxes and Lies now, thanks to the Internet and sites that report the real news.

Robert Creamer
Political organizer, strategist and author

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By Member: ThinkDeep 2009-09-23

Excellent article.
In fact, You want to prove what Lunatics Republicans are for supporting the current health care system in US and for opposing Universal Nationalized Health Care as they have in France, then ask them the points made in this Article, that is how can you be against Universal Nationalized Health Care as they have in France, given these FACTS:

1- France ranks number 1 in the World as far as health care and life expectancy goes compared to US which ranks 37 with some of the poorest 3rd World countries

2- Everyone in France gets health care for free or nearly for free, for the Taxes that they pay, while in US a typical family of 4 has to pay $15,000 per year for health care (in health insurance fees, plus deductible, plus co-pays) ON TOP of the Taxes that we Americans pay

3- Health care is taking about 9% of GDP in France while it is taking 18% of GDP in US.

Given the above FACTS only a lunatic or those who are making 100s of Millions of Dollars from current health care scam in US can be against Universal Nationalized Health Care as they have in France, which also proves how lying 99% of US Media is since 99% of US Media from Wall Street Journal, to CNBC, set aside to Fix news etc. have reported 99% of time against Universal Nationalized Health Care as they have in France.

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