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Author: Real_News
Date Posted: 2009-08-24
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Health care, is it a Right or Privilege?
This question is a (right-wing) loaded question, or it is an incomplete question.
Because the question is NOT just that:
"Health care, is it a Right or Privilege?"

But 1st the question is:
"Does the Government have a Right or a Privilege to our incomes in form of Taxes?"
The answer is that the Government has a Right to our Income in form of Taxes since
we do not pay Taxes on a voluntary basis but we pay it under the Law and under
the threat of going to Jail if we do not pay our Taxes.

So if the Government has the "Right to our money in form of Taxes" as a result of
which we pay about 40% of our income in various forms of Taxes, from income Taxes,
to property Taxes, to sales Taxes, etc.

THEN we indeed have the RIGHT to get value for our Taxes and the least of these
values is to get the best health care possible for the Taxes that we are paying the Government.
So the best Universal Health Care is indeed a Right of the Citizens, as it has having the best
Military, Police, Fire Department, etc. for the Governments Right to Tax us.
This is something that EVERY European Nation, Canada, Australia, in FACT all Developed
nations have realized and have been practicing but US!

So how is it that ONLY in US the Government has been able to get away with Taxing its Citizens
while not providing us with health care for these Taxes,? The answer is the one of the Ultimate Con
Jobs in the History of man kind has been played on American people by the Republicans,
and Democrats too, for the benefit of the Rich, Big Pharma, Big Corporations who control our
Media and that Ultimate Con Job has been:
"Government cannot do anything...."
"Government is the problem not the solution..."
Which translated means:
1- You the People cannot do anything since the Government is the representative of the People to decide what
happens to our Taxes
2- Pay Taxes and ask and get nothing for your Taxes such as Universal Health Care.

The result of which Con Job is that our Taxes go to the benefit of the Rich, Big Pharma, Big Corporations, etc. rather
than going to our benefit.

So indeed we have the Right to the best Universal Health Care and Education for the Governments Right to Tax us,
otherwise we should be paying 5% of our income in Taxes and not current 40% and then we will gladly buy and can
afford private based health insurance.

The question then becomes how have the Rich, Big Pharma, Big Corporations, etc. gotten away with this Con Job?
The answer is the 2nd Ultimate Con Job in the History of man kind, which is that the entire US Media is right-wing,
which means lying and lying to the American people for the benefit of the Rich, Big Pharma, Big Corporations, etc.
to Tax us and not give us any real value for our Taxes. To be exact US Media ranges from the Ultra Lunatic Right-wing
Media, such as Talkradio, Fox Network, to the Ultra Right-wing Media, such as Wall Street Journal, CNBC to merely
right-wing Media which is CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, etc.
And here is the other Ultimate Con Jobs that they have played (on the American people) to get away with the above sham,
the Ultra Lunatic Right-wing Media calls the Right-wing Media as being "Lefty" and "Liberal".
You can read much more in regard to 99% of US Media being a lying right-wing machine here.

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By Member: cikuda 2015-10-27


By Member: amybcraft1212 2014-03-02

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By Member: World 2009-09-17

Most excellent article.
Next time one of these lunatic Republicans (aka Agents of Big Pharma, Big Insurance, Wall Street gang) states "but health care is not a right but a privilege..."
they should be smacked on their face with this article that does an excellent Job of stating that health care is as much a Right of the people as it is the Right of the Government to Tax the people.

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