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Author: RealTime
Date Posted: 2009-07-23
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Jim demint calls health care reform not passing Obama's Waterloo!!
Jim demint, senator from SC, is best example of what Lunatics (aka Liers) Republicans are, which means how they are Agents of Big Corporations (Big Pharma, Big Insurance, ec.) and the enemy of the Middle class and they get away with this by stating an Ultimate Con, which is: "Government cannot do anything....", which translated means you the People cannot do anything since this is supposed to be the Government of the People by the People for the People and most importantly it is the only representative that the People have as to what happens to their Taxes, which further Translated means pay Taxes and get nothing for your Taxes for if you ask for anything for your Taxes such as Universal Nationalized Health care we will then call it "Socialism..", which further Translated means pay Taxes and have your Taxes benefit the Big corporations, Big Military, Big Pharma, Big health insurance and not you the People.

To be exact, this Demint guy said that "Failure of the Universal Health care will be Obama's Waterloo..."

1- Does this guy NOT realize that 50Mill Americans have NO health insurance so their only choice
in case of illness is death or bankruptcy and usually both.

2- Does this guy NOT realize that 2Mill+ Americans go bankrupt each year due to health care costs
WHILE in Europe or Canada that have Universal health care ZERO person or family goes bankrupt
each year due to health care costs.

3- Does this guy NOT realize that in Europe or Canada that have Universal health care health care
is taking 9% of GDP while in US where as noted above Millions do not have health care or Millions
go bankrupt due to health care costs each year health care is taking 18% of GDP.

4- Does this guy NOT realize that even though US is paying much more of its GDP for health care,
that in every health care measure US ranks well below Europe or Canada, in fact US ranks with
poorest of 3rd World countries in most health care measures as you can see in this ranking:

5- Does this guy NOT realize that toward the goal of maximizing profits that health insurance companies deny coverage to Millions of Americans under claim of "pre existing conditions..", thus sentencing them effectively to DIE! Which would be a criminal act in any civilized (European) country but here in US under the cover of our right-wing Media and lunatics (Republicans and so called centrist Democrats) insurance companies get away with such a practice.

6- Does this guy NOT realize that even if you have health insurance, unless you have Military or Government type health insurance, the type that he enjoys courtesy of our Taxes, that the costs of co-pays and deductibles drive many American families into financial ruin.

7- But perhaps most importantly, as important as the above points are, does this guy NOT realize that in today's Global economy where European companies (people) have Universal (single payer) health care so their health care payments are essentially ZERO since health care is paid from their Taxes that US companies (people) cannot compete. On this point: consider that in a recent speech during US Auto makers path to bankruptcy, Republicans (and many in our right-wing Media) said:
"GM is going bankrupt because it is spending more on health care of its current and retired (UAW)
employees than on Steel..."
Doh! Yes it is because lunatic Republicans and our right-wing Media have called Universal (single payer) health care as they have in Europe/Germany to be "Socialism.." as the result GM has to pay 10's of Billions of Dollars for health care costs of its current and retired employees, while German Auto makers pay ZERO for such health care costs, because they have Universal (single payer) health care in Germany. So then German Auto makers instead can invest those 10s of Billions of savings from paying their employees health care costs in research or set aside for a rainy day. Resulting in just ONE, that is just ONE, European Auto maker, VW, having a market valuation nearly TEN times of all US Auto makers combined! Which is the ULTIMATE indication of how much better Universal (single payer) health care is, for the Capitalist economy, over for profit health care as we have here in US. More on this issue of why US Auto makers went bankrupt while European Auto makers are doing fine you can read here.

And the same reason for WHY US Auto makers are doing so badly compared to European Auto makers, as a result of which US Auto makers went bankrupt,
apply to (almost) all of US manufacturers, to all of US businesses, as a result of which US economy is doing
so badly compared to European economy as evident by average house prices in Europe being so much more
valuable than average house prices in US, as evident by Euro being so much more valuable than US Dollar,
etc. etc.

So this Demint and people like him either they are so unaware or they are so bought by Big pharma,
Big insurance, etc. to not face the fact that it is not Obama's Waterloo if we do not pass Universal health care
in this country, but it is the waterloo of American people and businesses if we do not. After all:

1- Obama has the best health care plan as the president, set aside as Government worker enjoying
the European style health coverage that Government workers get, courtesy of our Taxes.

2- Obama/Dems were voted into office to bring about Universal health care, so if he is defeated in this regard then it is American people who are defeated in this regard and we will continue to have 50Mill with No health coverage, 2Mill going bankrupt each year due to health care costs, companies that cannot compete on global scale against European companies since all European countries and companies enjoy Universal health care so their health care costs are much lower than US companies and people, etc. etc. problems leading to US economy doing worst and worst compared to the rest of the developed world who again ALL, repeat for sake of lunatic Republicans and our right-wing Media (i.e., Takradio, Fox crap, WallStreet Journal, MSNBC, Forbes. etc.), ALL have Universal health single payer type care.

Bottom line: as a very good test of whether this country will ever be on the right path, we need to send Demint, Graham, and the likes of them to the "Ash heap of history." in the next election. If SC cannot defeat Demint in the next election then SC is doomed to be one of the poorest states rather than being one of the richest states that it should be given the strategic location that it has, along with great whether and nature and many other pluses, all of which have been kept from realizing even 10% of their potential due to the Lunatic policies of Republicans or Democrats which were not any different than Republicans.

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By Member: MattB 2010-06-14

I have a hard time with people generating blogs with zero factual basis. This attack on Republicans is based on no factual information at all. You state that Demint is all about the fat cats and Big business. DeMint didn't vote for the bailout of the Big businesses that you accuse him of supporting. Democrats voted for all the money to be spent propping up the financial sector. Democrats took your money and gave it to Big business. Republicans want smaller government not "No government." The Federal Government is not going to give away free healthcare. Everyone not covered now will be forced to buy healthcare or face a fine. Your Federal Government will now tell what you have to buy in order to have proper health insurance. Please stop using the Europeans as a model of government run healthcare. Research the system in place in England. What you will find is a tax rate with healthcare at 75%. The people of England must pay as part of their taxes a portion to the health care system.

By Member: NHS_Facts 2009-07-23

Excellent article.
So much so that I wrote a letter to Demint about this which I have included below.
I urge all to go to his web site, here:

and send him this message and pass it along to others to send it to him as well. Maybe then this buffoon will face the fact that "we the People.." realize how him and people like him are wrong and that we will defeat them in the next elections.

"Dear Senator DeMint,

Do you not represent the people of South Carolina?
Do you not see the need to provide these citizens with health care, the need
to support the people of this state and not the HMO industry. Why is it
acceptable to you that thousands in this state go bankrupt because of health
care bills, go without health care because they have no insurance or because
their policy is inadequate and they are denied- and ultimately die untimely
deaths and without dignity? Why is health care not a right of the citizens
in this country but in every other civilized country it is? Why do we, the
great USA, spend more on health care per year but have lower life expectancy
than European nations? Have you ever heard of a citizen of France or Germany
going bankrupt because of medical bills? No. Why don't you privatize our
fire and police protection then, but wait, that is a right of the citizens
that we pay for thru taxes. Why is health care any different?
I respectfully say Senator, you perform a great disservice to the citizens
of your state by not supporting health care reform.
Who were you elected to serve? "

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