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Report the real news - help get the TRUTH out
To report the real news on RealNewsPost you just need to follow the following few easy steps:
  1. Sign-up for a free AnooX / RealNewsPost Social Networking account. If you already have an account Sign-in.

  2. Once signed-in just click to "Post a New Article". And then proceed to write your Article. Make sure your News Article has at least 1 Photo. And of course make sure your Article is well written and FACT based. So the more sources you reference at the bottom of the article, the more likely that it will be accepted for publication and will receive the UP Votes of the RealNewsPost Social Network for it to stay up and not be Voted off.

  3. Once your article is written and you are sure it is well researched, then click to Submit it to the RealNewsPost for publication.

  4. If your article is accepted for publication on RealNewsPost then you will be informed via email that it has been approved. Then be prepared to reply to comments that will be posted in response to your Article, since our interest to get the TRUTH out starts by publishing a fact based article but it does not end there, debating it and defending it is the next step.
Note: You can write as many articles as you like for your own Social Network via your AnooX Social Networking account, for communication and collaboration with your own network. So only those articles that you submit to RealNewsPost will be published on RealNewsPost, otherwise they will be private to your network.
Key RULES about having your Articles published on RealNewsPost
  1. Your articles must be about current News events
  2. Your Article must be free of any commercial content
  3. Your Article must not promote hate, discrimination, or any illegal activities
  4. Your Article must be well written and backed with some independent facts

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