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OECD Chart of US health care spending vs results vs OECD countries
State of Healthcare in USA, leading to Joke ObamaCare, aka RomneyCare light, and now TrumpCare, etc Wall Street rip off, is 100% proof of lying Machine Republicans, Democrats & Wall Street Media are
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Fiscal Cliff hoax and Connecticut Mass Killings are proof that we are under attack from a TRUE ENEMY within
Author: ThinkDeep; 2012-12-18

Conneticut shooting Victims: Victims of  TRUE ENEMY within
To be exact the Fiscal Cliff fear mongering nonsense and the Murder and Incarceration rates in US being 10 to 20 times higher than other developed Nations with much more Liberal policies and much more Government provided Social services, aka "Entitlement", than US is further proof that we are under
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Fiscal Cliff HOAX and Con Job
Author: Real_News; 2012-11-20

They have NO Shame!
"Fiscal Cliff" HOAX is further proof of what a right-wing lying fear-mongering machine US Media is. That is just as "Euro Debt Crisis" was a fear-mongering HOAX as we told you and proven to be the case as per Euro remaining a KINGLY 30% more valuable than US Dollar, "Fiscal Cliff" is just a new fear
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Obama was reelected: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly such as right-wing Media/cabal already fear-mongering about Debt & Deficits
Author: ThinkDeep; 2012-11-08

The Good First lets state the very few areas of this election which actually did produce very "Good" results and indeed should give all American's a sign of hope that despite of the War that the right-wing Media/Cabal is waging against US, that there is the real hope that real People repre
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Presidential debates & elections are really Charades
Author: ThinkDeep; 2012-10-05

Obama HOAX & Debate FARCE
If Obama was real, if Obama was not a HOAX, if Obama was not in fact controlled by the same right-wing Media/Cabal (aka Wall Street gang) behind Romney, then he would have wiped the floor with Romney in the so called Debates, he could have destroyed Romney and the Republican party by exposing them f
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Quantitative Easing HOAX, just more ground for Republican & right-wing Media psycho babble
Author: Real_News; 2012-09-13

Ben Shalom Bernanke appointed by Bush & Obama
Doubtless you have read that today "the Fed" engaged in a new round of quantitative easing, aka QE3. And then the right-wing Media & Republican lunatics started their associated psycho babble about this act. Moreover, over the last few years, one of the most referenced act that Republicans and right
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How does Government run Single Payer Universal Socialized healthcare give healthcare to all while cut healthcare spending by about 50%?
Author: NHS_Facts; 2012-06-26

St Thomas' Hospital London, a typical NHS Hospital
So 100% of all developed Nations have realized that certain industries should be run on Socialized basis for the well being of the Nation and Economy, namely: Military Healthcare Education Justice Trains, Highways, Bridges, etc. Public Transport etc. And just as operating the US Militar
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Supreme Court Decision on health care is really a reminder of what is so wrong with USA on so many levels
Author: NHS_Facts; 2012-06-25

The best Justices that Wall Street can buy
US Supreme Court ruling on the so called health care reform that Obama Admin passed in 2010 is really a reminder of what is so WRONG with USA in so many levels. After all it is 2012, the ENTIRE developed World has had Government run Socialized health care (NHS) for decades, as a result of which all
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Wisconsin recall election is reminder that US is NO Democracy & that Republicans sudden worry about Debt is just continuation of their Con Job
Author: World; 2012-06-07

Walker talking to his real Bosses
Walker winning the Wisconsin recall election is reminder that US is NO Democracy. That US is a country where a gang of Billionaires controls the Government, due to them having access to 100s of Billions of Dollars. Such as
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Facebook joke, aka IPO, is a reminder of how Wall Street owned Media can tell whatever story they want
Author: ThinkDeep; 2012-05-22

Facebook goes public at a $100-Billion valuation! Is this a Joke? On Friday/May/18 Facebook went public at a $100-Billion valuation, raising $16-Billion, which is 16 1000 Million Dollars! The $100-Billion IPO of Facebook is another reminder of what is so wrong with this country. 1st, just
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In France Socialist party is elected, in US Socialist party gets ZERO Media coverage
Author: Real_News; 2012-05-06

Socialist party wins in France
Just think in France Socialist party of Francois Hollande got as much press coverage as so called Conservative party of Nicolas Sarkozy and as the result Socialist party of Francois Hollande won the Presidential elections, while in USA the Socialist party gets ZERO press coverage. In fact words
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Wall to wall coverage of Trevon/Zimmerman shooting - NO coverage of 50,000+ Americans killed each year due to lack of health care
Author: Real_News; 2012-04-10

Trevon/Zimmerman story - as if this is the main problem of the country
If you are wondering how it is that it is 2012 and USA still does not have something as essential for the well being of the Nation as Universal Nationalized Health Care, something that they have had for decades in all European nations, Canada, Australia, Japan, in fact in all developed Nations, some
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The president could turn defeat of Mandate by Supreme Court into a victory for single-payer health care
Author: Lux_Report; 2012-03-27

Mitch McConnell: let Americans die or go bankrupt by not having NHS
Original Posted By: Robert Reich Robert Reich is Chancellor's Professor of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley. Not surprisingly, today's debut Supreme Court argument over the so-called "individual mandate" requiring everyone to buy health insurance revolv
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Plug-in Hybrids that drive 1st 100 Miles on Battery will enable us to drive Gas & Pollution FREE - So where are they!
Author: Real_News; 2012-03-15

Chevy Volt - at $45,000 priced to sell as little as possible
There are many things that our Government can do to make the price of Gas irrelevant for the People, and Republicans oppose all of these steps, proving again what TRUE ENEMY of American people they are, and Obama Admin although spoke about some when running for office, has done actually none, provin
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Relentless Media coverage of Republic lunatics and NO coverage of 3rd Parties!
Author: Real_News; 2012-01-24

Mockery of a debate by a pack of lunatics
Here we are in another election season in US and US Media is again only covering the Republican party as an alternative to Democrats, even though we have mountain of facts that Republicans are utter lunatics, really the enemy of American people. And the fact that although Democrats say the right th
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The truth about so called Euro Debt Crisis and why Euro is still beating the pants off US Dollar
Author: Real_News; 2012-01-10

European cities: packed with Tourist and Shoppers
Doubtless you have been reading and/or hearing the near non-stop doom & gloom reporting from US & UK Media about "Euro Debt Crisis", and if you are like most people you are wondering what the hek does this mean! And I am not just referring to you as if you are an American or a Canadian etc. as to wo
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Are Republicans truly lunatics? It is actually worse.
Author: Real_News
Date Posted: 2009-06-17

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Why only greedy bastards, Lunatics & Enemy of the Nation would be against Universal Government run Socialized Health care
Author: NHS_Facts
Date Posted: 2009-08-01

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If US was a real Democracy, then real 3rd Parties would challenge FRAUD Obama Democrats and TEApublican LUNATICS
Author: power2people
Date Posted: 2011-08-01

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Euro is still MORE Valuable than US Dollar. So what happened to "Euro is going to Collapse", that Wall Street Media was running in 2011?
Author: Real_News
Date Posted: 2015-07-09

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Health Care System in USA is best evidence of how EVIL this system is
Author: ThinkDeep
Date Posted: 2009-10-18

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China has huge Surpluses vs US having massive Deficits. WHY?
Author: Real_News
Date Posted: 2010-02-20

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Key problem with US is that most of US Media is a right-wing (LYING) machine
Author: Real_News
Date Posted: 2009-04-27

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Another Ultimate LIE told by Wall Street, aka right-wing lying, Media: US economy crashed due to Housing Bubble
Author: Real_News
Date Posted: 2010-07-21

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The economic crisis in US is a total Hoax - made up to make the Rich richer & other sinister reasons
Author: ThinkDeep
Date Posted: 2008-11-24

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Steps to cut the budget deficit by $15Trillion and create 10Mill high paying Jobs - and Republicans oppose all of these Steps!
Author: ThinkDeep
Date Posted: 2011-02-17

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Conservative party in Europe, Canada are best proof of what lunatics Republicans are and what hoax Obama Democrats are and how Wall Street owned Media is key to this Con Job on US
Author: Real_News
Date Posted: 2010-05-07

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USA in Afghanistan War since 2002, China that borders Afghanistan not! What does that tell you?
Author: ThinkDeep
Date Posted: 2010-11-26

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To see how Gargantuan US Military budget is
Author: Real_News
Date Posted: 2009-06-17

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Nov/10/2011 elections show that USA is NO Democracy
Author: Real_News
Date Posted: 2010-11-05

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Irrefutable evidence of how right-wing (Lying) 99% of US Big Media is
Author: ThinkDeep
Date Posted: 2009-12-21

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Socialism Socialism Socialism - that is all Republicans say in response to any steps to make things better
Author: RealTime
Date Posted: 2010-05-05

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Euro debt crisis is mainly non-sense and propaganda by the right-wing Lying US Media
Author: Europal
Date Posted: 2010-05-18

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