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Do something about it - Help get the real news out
Are you sick & tired of what a right-wing lying Machine Big Media (aka Wall Street owned Media) are?
Are you amazed & angered by how can it be that such right-wing lying Machines as Fox News, Wall Street Journal, or such total right-wing lying lunatics as Rush, Beck, etc. get 10s of Billions of Dollars in funding to continue to spew their right-wing lies upon lies. Resulting in our Tax Dollars & Lives wasted on one War after another War after another War after another War, resulting in US lacking the most basic of Social services such as Government run Universal Socialized Healthcare (NHS), something that is so basic & essential to the well being of a Nation that all Conservative parties in Europe, Canada, Israel, Australia, etc. 100% support it.

Yet the Wall Street owned Media, is such a right-wing lying machine, to actually state with a stright face that:

  • NHS is Socialism - which would then mean that all Conservative parties in Europe, Canada, Australia, etc. are Socialist
  • European, Canadians, etc. are coming to US for their Healthcare because of their Universal Socialized Healthcare - which is Total Lie since as you in Europe, Canada, etc. know you are Not
  • We are not spending enough on the Military - when US Military budget is larger than Military budget of all Countries in Earth combined
  • etc. etc.

Well then Do Something About it. That is join and/or support the Social Network, a Social Network dedicated to getting the TRUTH out based on "Crowd Wisdom", which means based on what the Majority of the People Like and Think. Because only by getting the real news out in contrast to the War Mongering, Hate Mongering & Fear Mongering that comes out of the Main stream (aka Wall Street) Media can we hope to address the challenges that face us and thus have a more just and successful economy and a better environment and future.

How can I help get the real news out?
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