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About is the integration of a free Social Networking service, powered by AnooX, and a People powered news service. is a News service powered by the Social Network to get the TRUTH out in contrast to the mis-information and Fixed news that all too often comes out of the main-stream (aka Right-wing) Media. is a free and Advertising supported service. is operated on a Not-for-profit basis, free of any profit or share price motivations, to ensure that:

  1. We are FREE of any Big corporate biases in developing and growing this Social Network, so that our only interest and motivation will be the delivery and operation of this free Social Network for growing and empowering your Social Network and ultimately for getting the TRUTH out.
  2. We deliver the lowest cost of Advertising to the Advertisers so that countless businesses World Wide will SAVE on cost of Advertising while increasing their Traffic and Sale.

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